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May 4, 2007 07:48 AM

What to bring for my class? (adults)

This weekend is the last class. The students are adults. We will have a little party after the exam. I can't think of anything to bring. It should be something I can carry easily on the subway. I don't want to cook. So it should be something I can pick up on a weekend morning. East side of Manhattan. In or near Grand Central would be the best.

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  1. May be bagels from Ess-A-Bagels with spreads and lox and things like that?

    1. Hmm... a pie from Little Pie Company? There's a Beard Papa a block south of Grand Central, where you can pick up nice cream puffs. It's tucked into a Japanese take out place, where you can get all sorts of fried savory stuff (which I've never tried, but am curious about).

      1. Yeah, don't think that just because the students are adults that you have to alter your classroom offerings. Adults in NYC go just as crazy for cupcakes these days as kids do (more, probably)!

        1. I'd bring a bunch of omusubi from OMS/B.