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May 4, 2007 07:38 AM

Duluth, MN:Nokomis on the lake & the Ledge Rock Grille

Can anyone comment on these 2 places in the Duluth MN area? TIA.

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  1. I know its been a while since you posted, but for what its worth, I tried Nokomis for lunch with family back in January, and I was not overly impressed. It was rather spendy, but the food lacked finesse and creativity. Presentations were lovely, but that was the best feature of each dish - most of the flavors were pretty bland. A big old "meh" from me on that place.

    I would go to the scenic cafe instead.

    1. I am new to this website, but am a long-time "foodie." Nokomis is my favorite spot in this area. I love their food. The ambiance is nice, the service is outstanding, but most importantly, the food is terrific. Nice blending of flavors and creative combinations. The wine selection is very good, too. I can't wait to go back.


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        I like Nokomis as well, but have to give preference to the New Scenic Cafe, just down the road apiece from Nokomis.

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        1. We live within 5 miles so we go to all three places.

          Love the Ledgerock - good food, fair service, management is always checking on quality. Had a really good meal on Valentine's. Usually we go up and have a glass of wine with the French Onion soup and the Wine lover's platter.

          Nokomos can be really good - there are a bit more fine dining oriented. We really love their outdoor deck as it is the closest to the lake until you get as far north as Bluefin. Wish they would change there menu a bit more, especially that outdoor one.

          I haven't been to the Scenic much since it Yuppified, but my wife has been there a few times inthe last month and really likes their butternut squash ravioli.

          Don't forget the make you own burger at the Lakeview Castle, now livable due to the smoking ban.

          Do forget about the Lighthouse on Homestead - soups and salads are awful.