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May 4, 2007 07:37 AM


Hi all...I just wanted to gush about the FANTASTIC meal I had yesterday from cafecito. I order lunch for my company (about 100 people) and wanted to introduce them to Cuban food. We'd tried a couple of other places in the past, but cafecito outshined all others. The restaurant is located on Avenue C between 11th and 12th. While I have not been to the restaurant, I can only imagaine that the food is even more amazing than delivery (obviously).
We had: chicken and beef empanadas, shredded chicken in a "ropa viega" style sauce, traditional beef ropa vieja, tostones, maduros, green salad, rice, beans, veggie fritters and tres leches cake. Everything was out-of-this-world and a HUGE crowd pleaser for the extremely discerning investment-banker palate.

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    1. Cafecito is a great place. Nice place to share a jug of Sangria and havae some casual cuban food. I haven't been in years but I doubt its changed much.

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        I think that cafecito is a great place as well. Does anyone know how long has it been around?

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