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May 4, 2007 07:22 AM

Cinco De Mayo

What is everyone doing for Cinco De Mayo in the DC Metro area? Are there any awesome specials that are going on? I was going to start calling around today to see what different places have planned for Saturday, but I wanted to ask the hounds if they knew of anything good.

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  1. Celebrating my birthday, catered by BaLe of Rockville.

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    1. re: Mister Big

      Viet != Cinco De Mayo compatible

      But since Ba Le is so delicious I'll give you a pass...

      1. re: MarcDC

        There's a bakery called Ba Le in Langley Park. Are they a chain?

        1. re: asayeed

          Apparently it is a chain, and I think it's a chain from Viet Nam. There are a number of them in areas with a large Asian population. On the Virginia side, there's one in Eden Center of course, and one on Graham Road just South of Lee Highway, in the shopping center with Magruders.

          The chain's logo is (or something that looks like) the Eiffel Tower, though I think Ba Le might just mean "sandwich."

          1. re: MikeR

            The originators are from Vietnam, but I believe the chain is based out of California, with most of the franchises in Hawai'i.

            On the VA side, I haven't been there recently, but I believe there's still a Ba Le (which, by the way, means "Paris") in the old Hechinger's center in Springfield (along w/ Pho Thang Long, which I also haven't been to in a while but which is one of my favorite local Pho places, although that's getting even further off-topic from Cinco de Mayo.)

            1. re: sweth

              [Ba Le (which, by the way, means "Paris") ]

              Ah, that explains the Eiffel Tower logo.