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May 4, 2007 06:49 AM

Heidelberg bakery (Arlington)

I've eaten some of the yummy cookies at Heidelberg Bakery but I was wondering if anyone had tried one of their sandwiches. Any good? I live very nearby and keep thinking I should try and sandwich there but for some reason I haven't done that yet. So I'm looking for feedback. Thanks.

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  1. You will probably be very pleased with their sandwiches. I've had the liverwurst which exceeded my expectations. On a different note, the freshly grilled bauernwurst is great, served on a terrific pretzel roll called a logenbrotchen, probably the world's best hot dog bun.

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    1. re: Steve

      Oh, good! Sounds very good. Maybe I'll run over today for lunch. Thanks.

      1. re: Steve

        My kids mutiny when I do not get a chance to get to Heidelberg on Saturday morning and pick up a bag of logenbrotchen. It really works in every type of sandwich, or even eaten plain.

        The last time I was there I noticed the were selling a variant, prepared thusly:

        logenbrotchen split open at the top;

        cheese melted on the top; and

        bits of bacon sprinkled on top.

        The thing looked like a chili cheese hot dog. Tasted great, to boot.

      2. You should be getting the sandwiches. I make of habit of it whenever I pass anywhere in the general area (I'm in MD). They are great and an opportunity to eat some great deli meats on good breads. Oddly enough, I've never had any cookies, pastries, etc.

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          I did get a sandwich there today. I was overwhelmed when it came to choosing but I ended up getting a chicken-tarragon salad sandwich on sourdough rye bread. It was very good but I think I'd get something different next time. I had intended to get the roast beef but I like it rare and it wasn't so I panicked and ended up with chicken salad. I'll definitely be back, although I must say that the parking lot is such a zoo there.

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            A few years ago my friend and I happened upon the bakery on a Saturday morning, finding, to our absolute delight, that they were having an open house. They opened up the upper floor and we could tour it and watch the guys (who had been up since 3 am) baking bread and sweets. They gave us tons of samples and sent us home with a loaf of semolina bread. It was the coolest thing ever.