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May 4, 2007 06:24 AM

TO Cinco de Mayo

I'm looking for suggestions about a place to go for Cinco de Mayo in Toronto (having never stepped foot in the city before). Of course, the more authentic the better. I'm just back from Mexico and already missing the carnitas and chile rellenos, not to mention micheladas, anything from Tres Marias, fresh tortillas, ... I could go on all day, but I'm just making myself hungry! Thanks!

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  1. ROTFL!!! The words "authentic" and "Mexican" and "Toronto" can literally not be used in the same sentence, unless the words "doesn't exist" are also included.

    Sorry, I'm really not trying to be rude, but it is a long-standing gap in Toronto's food scene.

    As far as I know, you will not be finding any big Cinco de Mayo celebrations here. You might want to give Johny Banana or Rebozos a call to see if either restaurant is doing anything -- I belive both sets of owners are Mexican.

    Edited to add: if you are visiting Toronto for the first time, you would be better off trying for some other ethnic food experiences. Lots of posts on this board. If you are from the States, Caribbean is something we do well compared to most U.S. cities. If you're looking for a spicy kick, get a spicy chicken curry roti from Gandhi or one of the Jamaican or Trini places in the city. Enjoy!

    1. I agree with Chilibaby.. Toronto is not the most well known for its specialty in Mexican cuisine...Johnny Banana is Latin FUSION. But i know Jalapeno's at King and Tecumseth is authentic as mexican can get in the TDot.
      Maybe you'll have better luck with Spanish tapas at Coca on Queen St.

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      1. re: Kimberlita

        Urgh, I had lunch at Jalapenos this week -- it was terrible. Such a shame as they have a fabulous location.

        1. re: LissyDee

          I agree. My fiancee and I ate there about a year ago and were definately not impressed. The food was so-so, but very overpriced for what you got.

          1. re: Ubervache

            +Jalapeno used to be better. I recall one chicken dish with cuitlacoche, a corn fungus favoured by the Aztecs, and now hard to get even in Mexico. There was also a "sopa seca" that was so good I got the recipe and tried it out at home.

            However, both vanished from the menu. Not enough interest, I guess, from the enchilada and frijole crowd.

            1. re: ekammin

              Though you can still get a tortilla dish with huitlacoche at El Tromp, if you're looking.....

              1. re: Snarf

                Thanks, I'll try it, although I have resorted often to preparing Mexican food myself (such as for yesterday, Cinco de Mayo). In regard to which, I have found canned cuitlacoche in Kensington.

                1. re: ekammin

                  don't mean to jack the thread but where did u find cuitlacoche in kensington? i've been looking all over for it.

              2. re: ekammin

                Hmm... well i haven't been to Jalapeno for at least 3 years. It was alright when I tried it then. I live in the area and never seem to see anyone eating there, so I guess the food has gone down hill.

            2. re: LissyDee

              Also agree - do not try Jalapenos - Instead, I recommend Tacos El Asador, El Jacal (both on Bloor St.), or Rebozos.

              1. re: redearth

                I forget the name of the store where I found the cuitlacoche. It's on the east side of Augusta, about halfway between Dundas and College. It has bins of various kinds of beans in front, along with a table loaded with different brands of tortillas. Canned goods inside, including the cuitlacoche.

                  1. re: jimmyb32

                    Now that you mention the name, that's it.