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May 4, 2007 06:21 AM

Leaving NY! What should I have before I go?

After 5 years in this amazing city, it's time for me to leave. What are some places/meals/foods I should make sure I try before I go?


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  1. If you haven't been there yet, you're not going to miss them! I would be returning to all the places I knew I was going to miss....

    1. I suppose things that you cannot have once you leave..It's not that you can't get these actual food items wherever you are going, but trust me, they are simply not the same, or as good...This would be the following: PIZZA..BAGELS..BLACK &WHITE COOKIES...A GREAT PASTRAMI SANDWICH...WONDERFUL CANNOLI AND/OR ITALIAN PASTRIES IN GENERAL...( NOT TO MENTION ITALIAN FOOD ITSELF)...These are just a few suggestions, and as far as places go, I would think you would want to revisit places that you have loved, and try to get to those you have always wanted to go to...I'm sure that many will suggest actual places...

      1. I myself would go to Lupa for the beets and some pasta, Corner Bistro for a bacon cheeseburger and $2.25 draft McSorley's, and Pearl Oyster Bar for a lobster roll. But they all have sentimental value for me. I totally agree that you should go to the places you already know and love.

        1. Grimaldi's for pizza.
          Where are you moving to? That my help us help you.

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            I agree with ChefJune. Go someplace you love.

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              Agree... where are you moving to? I moved to Europe for a year, and wish I had eaten more Mexican before departing... I really missed that more than anything else because you couldn't get that.

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                This is great! I, too, am leaving the city after 6 years (SO! SO SAD!). My husband and I are moving to Chicago. I've made a list of places that I love and that I want to go to before we leave. But then again, Chicago is known to have good food as well. Although, I will have my sister send us bagels. :)

            2. Other than favorites, I would also go to at least one place that is a splurge. Something classic like Le Bernardin.