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May 4, 2007 06:18 AM

ft Lauderdale seafood 'shack'

will be in F.L. next week. looking for a decent seafood shack-type place. we would like waterviews, rustic (but clean) decor, raw bar and a good selection of beers and cocktails. live music a plus. we're stay at The Atlantic and would like to keep it a short drive/cab ride.

we also have reservations for Johnny V's and Mark's Las Olas for the same night. any help in deciding which is the currently the better place will be appreciated too.

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    1. re: meb903

      i love johnny v's. mark's is a bit nicer but i would choose johnny v's, although as a caveat i have only been there for lunch.

    2. Ca;ypso for the seafood "shack" type place. Not on the water, only beer and wine, but really good Caribbean style seafood.

      1. Aruba Cafe in Lauderdale by the Sea is right on the beach, the fish is fresh and reasonably priced, they have a full bar, and live music. Only problem is that it's very popular, and no reservations mean a long wait.

        1. Rustic Inn for the seafood shack and Johnny V's over Marks.

          1. I would truly recommend traveling to Jupiter (about an hour north) to go to Little Moir's Food Shack. It is fantastic. They prepare the freshest seafood in unexpected ways - crusted with any number of vegetables, nuts, etc. or simply grilled or tandoori-style. Everything is served with either wonderful salads or a delicious coconut rice.

            It's in a nondescript strip mall. Don't be confused by the casual vibe - reggae music, surfer-type servers, seemingly weatherbeaten/tiki interior, lifeguard stand outside - food is taken very seriously here by the entire staff. There is always a wait even though it's open continuously from lunch - dinner. Google it, they have a website even though the menu is not posted.