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Cambridge Culinary

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I hope I'm not posting something that doesn't belong, but I need some help!

I live in Florida and I'm thinking of moving to Boston in November; I visited last year, and I fell in love. I just found Cambridge Culinary school, and I am very interested in attending but I can't find any real testimonials from students! Has anyone attended this school? I want to do the Professional Pastry Chef program, but any info would be welcome.
Unfortunately, I didn't get to see the school when I was up there- but I'm willing to sign up sight unseen if I can get some good feedback...


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  1. I've taken their "Knife Skills" class. It was worthwhile, but it's only a 4 hour class, so not sure if it's indicative of their more intensive offerings.

    They *do* have a pretty good reputation though, so I don't really think you can go wrong.

    Good luck!

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      i'm taking that class tomorrow!

    2. If you contact Roberta Dowling, the owner, she will give you a list of references you can contact. They've been in business a loooong time, and have always enjoyed a fine reputation. Their graduates are working all over the US.

      1. I have taken six or seven classes with Delphin Gomes, both in Marblehead where he had his own small school and a couple in Cambridge after he moved. If he's still there, and all/most of the pastry classes are with him, I'd highly recommend it. He was trained in France (he's French) and really knows his stuff.

        1. I have a friend who's in his final term of the chef's program and he loves it.

          1. I graduated from the professional chef's program back in the early 90's. I can't comment on the current faculty - but I still see Roberta from time to time- and have seen the recently renovated kitchens. From what I can tell, the program has remained consistant, if not improved. Plus - I still get alumni event emails.

            Also - it is in a nice part of cambridge (important, since you'll be spending a lot of time there!), and it is close to the subway.

            I have remained close to people I graduated with - overall I had a very favorable experience.

            1. I'm a graduate of Cambridge -- not working directly in the restaurant field, but I am a baker. The curriculum (including Delphine Gomes' pastry inclusion) was wholly reconstructed a couple of years ago. I do believe they're enjoying a resurgence of students as well as reputation because of it.

              When I was there, there was no separate pastry program. The Professional Chef program covered mostly savory with concentrations in both Italian and Classical French. Baking and pastry were only offered during the first (aka "Basic") semester, although you'd meet a particular bread or sweet here and there later on.

              I became interested in Cambridge after taking a couple of their weekend classes. I wasn't interested in a 2-year program because of finances/time constraints, so it fit my needs perfectly.

              Sometimes I wish I could return there and repeat everything!

              1. i took that class. chef delphin is really great. but since i went )i was in the 1st class), he's taken on 3 new classloads so he's teaching 4 days a week/16 hours each. a little overburdened. so you aren't going to get as much individual attention from him. that said, he's really a great teacher and his recipes always work. i'm not sure how much savory cooking you'd be donig now, but if i were you i'd try ot find out how many classes delphin will teach, and who will teach the rest, and evaluate the cost of living in boston versus florida. boston is MUCH more expensive. in general you can expect the class to take up 20 hours per week, 2 days and one evening seminar, so you can plan to find a job accordingly. most of us started working in pastry a couple months into the program. not sire if the new kiddies are still doing that. hope that helps. if you have any specific questions, shoot me an email.