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May 4, 2007 05:31 AM

Craving Feld Salat

So the ongoing discussion of German Food's Reputation has got me thinking.

One of many things I loved to eat when I lived there was a salad. The greens looked a little like young spinach, with a more heart- or spade-shaped leaf. The green was identified to me as Feld Salat (field greens). It was bought commercially, rather than foraged. I tasted it in a salad I had in Australia, in two leaves of a sald that was brought to me. Someone there identified it as rocket. More research has told me that Rocket is the Australian term for Arugula, which the salad also contained. Feld Salat is not arugula, but I'm not sure what it is or if it is available in the US. Can anyone help me? It is, after all, the salad days of spring.

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  1. Valerianella locusta

    It's usually marketed in the US as mache or lamb's lettuce or corn salad.

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    1. re: foodmuse

      Thank you muchly. I'll be enjoying my salad days, once I find it.

    2. Those are the words I know for it ( and veld salade where I grew up). It shows up in mesclun mixes and is not hard to grow if you have a even a small patch of garden.

      1. Mache or lamb's lettuce - I've bought it in packages from Trader Joe's. I've never seen it anywhere else, including farmers' markets, but I haven't looked that hard.

        1. I love feld salat also. I ate it often when I lived in Germany also. It definitely is not arugula. I've tried growing it here in Minnesota with not too much luck. I've bought it at our farmer's market, but it's so expensive.

          But it is wonderful stuff.

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            Feldsalat (one word in German) is the same thing as m√Ęche, known by various names in English , such as lamb's lettuce, corn salad.... Waver, is Veld salade Dutch? Not at all the same beastie as aragula/rucola/roquette/rocket though both are lovely and nutritious salad greens.

            Indeed, while it is expensive in many places, it is very easy to grow, on marginal soil or even in a window box on a balcony (like mesclun or those wonderful Chinese greens).

          2. I think it's mache (corn salad, lamb's lettuce)--I've heard that called feldsalat. It has a nutty sweet taste like boston lettuce, not bitter like arugula. I love it! They have it at trader joes and Kroger.