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May 4, 2007 04:40 AM

Wilmington, NC

Where are the Wilmington foodies? I enjoy reading posts, opinions and reviews on chowhound although it seems there is not much said about Wilmington. Lets get some fresh ideas out there. How about if everyone who reads this posts their favorite spots for breakfast, lunch and dinner? Any new discoveries lately? Anything to avoid?

I'll start
Breakfast... sorry to say but I rarely get beyond a cup of coffee at home for this slot.
Lunch... we eat lunch out often because we work at night. We enjoy Banyan, Catch and Double Happiness.
Dinner... Like I said we work at night and are only off on Monday so we do not get out as much as we would like but we enjoy Zooi and Caprice.
New Discovery... I heared about the new Thai place downtown and hope to go soon but have not been.
Avoid... We thought the food at the wing place WOW in Mayfaire was awful.

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    1. Breakfast - I haven't found anyplace here yet for breakfast that is special. The only places I know about are all pretty much typical greasy spoon breakfast griddle places. Deluxe is good for Sunday brunch, though.

      Lunch - Nikki's sushi (downtown and Independence mall), Temptations, El Guajiro, Banyan Asian Cafe

      Casual Dinner - Viet Bistro, El Agave, K38

      More upscale dinner - Deluxe, Marc's on Market

      New Discovery - My latest new discovery was El Guajiro - Cuban for lunch. That place rocks!

      1. Breakfast: Dixie Grille and Salt Works
        Lunch: Catch and VietBistro
        Dinner: Nikkis, Rim Wang, Indochine, Circa 1922, Double Happiness and Caprice

        Tried NOFO at the Forum the other night. They were out of almost everything on the menu and the service was poor. The food was great though.

        1. Max's, at Lumina Station, is a great steakhouse, and I often hear good things about Le Catalan, But fresh ideas can be difficult to put out there. Lots of openings in Wilmington, but no real impressive menus. Certainly not any that target a market growing in a city with the highest cost of living in North Carolina (Noticed Tango du Chat took the edge off its menu. Too bad.) Seems like the same favorites get listed over and over again.

          Come on chefs! How long are you going to let Deluxe rule?

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          1. re: Cake Ladies

            where can i go for a good sunday brunch? besides Deluxe

            1. re: janebono

              Does one need reservations for brunh at Deluxe? We will be staying at the Graystone Inn that weekend and wanted to have brunch at the Deluxe while we were visiting. Thnaks.

              1. re: bbqme

                We've never made them, and have never had a problem, but it certainly wouldn't hurt to call and ask if they take them.

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