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May 4, 2007 03:55 AM

Adelaide Adventure

Hi everyone,

I'm new to the Adelaide area and am looking for a truly unique gastronomic experience/adventure. I've done the market tours, Gouger Street, wine valleys, etc., but I am looking for something that isn't your run of the mill tourist experience. I do know about the wine tasting on camel back, but recent rains have made it unsafe for the camels to be out and about. Any suggestions?


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  1. I highly suggest getting a local food product, say Beerenberg Jams or Buzz Honey, and contacting the producers about visiting the place where they make them. There are a ton of producers in and around Adelaide, and it is always fun to see where they start out from. Also, check for promotions and publicity events held by local farms, especially specialty farms...not too long ago, I was able to visit Willabrand Fig Farm for a tour, cooking demonstration and a five course meal made of figs! It was a great experience, definitely out of the way and not your average Barossa Valley tour. A lot of the local towns hold random festivals at the strangest times...I went to the Tanunda Town Festival and was able to participate in a grape stomping contest!
    Barossa Valley Cheese Co. offers a cheese making class that seems quite interesting as well. It's a little pricy, I think around $200, but definitely a unique experience. Plus, they make the best feta I have ever tasted! Good luck and have fun! Did you move to Adelaide, or are you just visiting? I've been here for three months and hadn't heard about the camel back wine tastings!