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May 4, 2007 03:36 AM

Searching for a crab ravioli recipe

I'm starting to think of what to cook for my mothers birthday. She loves crab so... I have a number of dishes that use it but the cold recipes mostly call for avocado which I love but my father hates (mum is indifferent) and I don't feel crab cakes are special enough (also won't take me long enough to make!) and crab with a long pasta is just a bit more everyday than I am after. I was thinking white meat in the ravioli with some marscapone (or will that be too sweet?) and some seasoning/herbs then a bisque type sauce with the brown meat and some tomatoes and cream, maybe some other shellfish? What do you think? Do you have a crab (or lobster - happy to adapt) ravioli recipe to share?

I've done a search on these boards but we all know the state of that feature at the moment and I have not found anything that really suits. Ideas?

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  1. IMO, you don't want to use cheese with the crab. The crab is light in flavor and most cheeses will overwelm the crab flavor. The recipes I've seen use crab meat, a little olive oil, salt and pepper, some lemon juice and an egg. A blush or bisque type sauce is a good idea.

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      Actually Crab with cheese is one of my favorite combinations as long as it's fairly mild. I've had fabulous crab and chevre ravioli, and I love Crab Rangoon.

    2. Think you should think about using wonton wrappers instead of the usual pasta...They work very well and are a big timesaver...Not sure that you cannot use cheese, just not a lot, and you would need to maybe add some chives, etc to balance the cheese..Simple sauce is best, like maybe a browned butter or a very light tomato or garlic cream?

      1. mascarpone by itself is not sweet. you could use just a bit with an egg white as a binder. finish with a citrus beurre blanc and some fresh corn, peas or asparagus.

        is the whole menu crab?

        crab potstickers w/ ginger dipping sauce
        crab ceviche with jicama
        crab salad on crispy wontons
        crab supreme
        crab and lobster fritters

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          hotoy, I haven't decided on the whole menu yet - I was just starting, depending on where I go with the crab is likely to dictate what I do with the rest of the meal. I was thinking the starter would be heavier on the veg if I was going to go with a pasta main. Your menu is an awful lot of work for three people (plus transporting to parents house) however, I am interested, what are potstickers? what is jicama? how do you do a crab ceviche? I can't help but think that to remove raw crab meat from the shells in order to cure it is more than a little difficult!?!
          Den, I thought that mix might be a little on the dry side which was why I was thinking more paste-like by adding the marscapone.
          Jinet12, wonton wrappers mean going to chinatown, I never manage to do that and I enjoy making pasta, I don't see it as time consuming. I was thinking amouse bouche, starter, ravioli, pudding. If I was having a secondi I might lighten the sauce, but I think that as it is the main dish it will be ok. I was vaguely thinking that I would only serve three or four rav.s per person and make them seriously full of filling.

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            One way to do the ravioli is instead of making smaller ones, make larger (3" or 4" square) ones. They require a much gentler cooking technique-simmering in a shallow pan-but the presentation can be spectacular.

            As for sauce, I have read about making crab butter, basically you crush up the shells and cook them with butter. The flavor and color will infuse. You strain them out and chill the mixture and when the butter is solid, scoop it off the top (there's some water in there too). I might have seen the recipe in Joy of Cooking, but you can almost certainly find it online.

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              you have me utterly confused. you also never indicated the food had to travel.

              my list was only suggestions containing crab, not a menu. further, you stated originally you wanted something more labor intensive, but none of mine are. are you talking about canned crab? that will work in all my dishes except the ceviche. (ceviche, btw, is seafood *cooked* with citrus juice. very light, clean and refreshing, but only works with raw fish.)

              potstickers are asian dumplings, that are crisped in a hot pan then steamed to finish.

              crab supreme can be made with mayonnaise, some scallions and paprika. it's decadent and delicious just mixed with crab and baked or as a topping on white fish like flounder.

              perhaps it would help if you did a search on epicurious?

              i can see a nice chilled pea soup, crab ravioli with orange beurre blanc, asparagus and pinenuts, perhaps some arugula. a coffee/cardamom or vanilla/raspberry pudding?

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                I can see me coming to your house for this meal because it sounds fabulous.

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                No actually you can get won ton wrappers at the local grocery store...In the freezer or fresh produce section...

            2. What about stuffing the ravioli with a mixture of sauteed leeks, mascarpone and hunks of crab meat. The stuffing should mainly be crab and leeks, but a touch of mascarpone won't hurt at all.

              If you're buying whole crabs and cooking them, you can make a bisque-like sauce for it. Save the broth you cook the crabs in and save the shells (but not the nasty insides) after you get the meat out. Saute some garlic and shallot until tender, add a tablespoon of tomato paste and a quarter cup or so of white wine. Let simmer a few minutes, until it concentrates a bit. Add the crab shells to that pot, mix it around good, then add about 3 cups of the water you cooked the crabs in. Bring it to a boil and let it simmer for about a half hour. Strain it out and return the liquid to the pot. You should have about two cups of liquid. Mash together an equal amount of butter and flour (about 1 or 2 oz. of each), and whisk into your liquid while simmering. Add half a cup of heavy cream and simmer until it reaches the right consistency for sauce. Taste for seasoning and add salt and pepper as needed.
              If you don't want a sauce this heavy, something with lemon and butter would be nice too.

              ETA: I just found this recipe for a cauliflower and crab "ravioli" that looks really good. The reason I put ravioli in quotes is because the pasta is not actually stuffed, but layered in sheets on the plate with crab and a cauliflower mixture.

              1. I have never done this myself, but I was served great lobster ravioli where they had used a little bit of cream in with the filling, rather than cheese. I would think it would work as well for crab, but I'm not really sure whether that helped it stick together more or what. It was really delicious though.

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                  Crab canelloni will travel nicely, make a bechemel, you don't need cheese, well maybe a little for the top. Gently heat when you get to your destination. They are fantastic and you can make your fresh canelloni sheets since you like to do that.
                  It is one of my favorite Italian dishes.