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May 4, 2007 03:02 AM

best banh cuon

Where should I go for my first taste of banh cuon? I was thinking between Cong Ly, Thaison, or Pho Viet Huong? Or someplace else? And does Nha Trang really have good softshell crabs?

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  1. did you ever try the banh cuon at any of these places? what did you think?

    1. resurrected: I've yet to find a good Banh Cuon place so we generally make our own. That said, are there any Banh Cuon only places in any of the Boroughs?

      1. Mm. Never had it. Is it like the Chinese mush?

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        1. re: Fida

          Unsure what chinese mush is... they're rice crepes usually filled with ground pork (sometimes shrimp) with garnishes (mint/cucumbers/bean sprouts) and vietnamese bologne. Also a healthy does of nuoc mam!