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May 4, 2007 12:15 AM

Must visit places for seattle

I'm trying to figure out some places in the seattle metro area that i need to visit/take my g/f to visit when she and i are up there at the end of june...she's going to school in LA and we've hit up quite a number of cheap-eats, ethnic and non-ethnic, in the LA area

my parents live in bellevue, so i luckily can try out some of these places before she visits. unfortunately i'm not from the area, so i only have a few chances to try out some of these places

Obviously i'll do some touristy stuff such as pike place...but i gather that for fresh seafood at affordable/reasonable prices, mutual fish is pretty much the places to go?

Also i'm guessing salumi is a must...but what about everything else? anything reasonably priced (say under 20/pp) that i should definitely try out/consider when she's up in seattle?

I did enjoy the little italian bakery next to mutual fish, as well as malay satay hut (a little americanized, but still ok). I just don't know what else there is ... i'm looking for semi-rare and affordable ethnic/pacific NW eats ... don't care about the setting, cleanliness, etc. .... just good food to remember/try out.

Oh btw, i will try out that homey japanese place thats gonna close when i'm up in seattle in a coupla weeks (on jackson close to qwest). thats the kinda place i'm looking for...

thanks for your help!

PS i'm also interested in ethnic markets with lots of goodies ... indian, italian, chinese, i'll take anything yall give me

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  1. A few blocks away from Takohachi (the soon to be closed restaurant) is Uwajimaya, a great asian market with lots of uncommon treats, and a great seafood department. Another small seattle classic are the cuban sandwiches at Paseo's in fremont. I'd also try Matt's in the Market which I think will be open again by the time you are here.

    1. don't forget MOnsoon (caramelized catfish, Dungeness crab spring rolls


      also Hosoonyi on Aurora in Shoreline for Korean (seafood pancake, tofu soup and of course kalbi short ribs)

      Green Leaf in the ID (for their banh xeo


      Steelhead Diner (Pine below 1st) for non-ethnic

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        so i'm guessing most asian cuisines would be good and cheap eats here in seattle? oh what about that pirosky place in pike place? i think i've heard a thing or two about it...

        1. re: gan911

          If you are in bellevue think about szechuan food at either Szechuan Chef or Bamboo Garden, both recently opened, both serving exciting, spicy food with huge menus. You could share a half spicy/half non-spicy hot pot, for example.

          1. re: equinoise

            interestingly enough, i practically live next door to szchuan chef :D

            anything else worth noting? Large markets other than uwajimaya and pike place where there's good selection and decent prices?

            I just want to get to know seattle aside from the 'hip' places ... b/c good food and culture can be so much more than having a 40-70pp tab ... and thats where i think the spirit of cities are

            like in atlanta, we recently received the NYT award for the best burger (the ghetto burger) which still costs less than 10 bucks but is prepared, cooked, and served by a 60 some old angry black woman who still yells at her patrons...or the small delis that still serve meat n' three for less than your average chipotle burrito...

          2. re: gan911

            Skip Piroshki Piroshki, which might be the place you're thinking of in the Market (located in the Stuart House, right along Pike Place street). Their food's pretty decent, but not a great value.

            Instead, look to Cafe Yarmarka, which is a block and a half south of Piroshki Piroshki, tucked away with pretty poor signage in Post Alley, near the Seattle's Best Coffee (which you also must avoid, like the plague). Cafe Yarmarka, serving freshly prepared pelmeni, piroghi, stuffed cabbage, borscht and slightly less fresh pastries, has got to be one of my favorite lunch spots in Pike Place (I spent all of last summer working in the Market, so had ample opportunity to try every possible meal I could scrounge up). I tried to become a regular there over the summer (I've, for a long while, had fantasies about being a regular somewhere - too much "Cheers" as a child, I think), which was a bit of a struggle as the joint is run by a regularly rotating staff of not-quite bilingual Russians, who, as a people, are not the most friendly lot. Don't get me wrong, the service is always courteous, just devoid of the phony smiles pasted on the staff of the more gentrified Market employees.

        2. Take her to Elliot's for a seafood lunch. It'll be lots cheaper than going in the evening

          1. For real Japanese, go to Maneki Restaurant @ 304 6th Ave S in the international district. They are the oldest running resataurant in Seattle and just had their 100th birthday last year. I wouldn't go anywhere else for cuisine beyond sushi (which they do quite well too)

            1. when i was living in l.a., i would often find myself craving:
              -a sandwich from paseo's in fremont
              -roti canai at malay satay hut (the one in redmond is actually better than the one in seattle)
              -sushi (maneki is good for a cheaper option)
              -vietnamese food (green leaf and tamarind tree)
              -dahlak on rainier for eritrean food
              -szechuan chef (in bellevue)
              -matt's in the market

              not that they don't have these sorts of things in l.a., seattle just does them soooo well!

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              1. re: n.cole

                n.cole...i had the most authentic and awesome szechuan food in Monterey park ...Chung king is the name of the place (so amazing and cheap) and better than bamboo garden, szechuan chef, etc ... not trying to diagress, but my g/f lives in LA and i visit there 2 weeks at a time (while eating through everything in town)...also check out the thai temple for good eats

                oh and piroshky piroshky is definitely borscht was salty as hell but the piroshky wasn't too bad....just not something thats says wow in my book

                however, the cheese festival was :D ... dammit i want a cheese festival in atlanta!