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May 3, 2007 10:21 PM

Lunch opportunity / Phx?

So I finally have a weekday off. Any suggestions for a lunch place in or around central Phx? Now's my chance!

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  1. Pane Bianco - grab a market sandwich and a coffee from Lux next door. Nice little afternoon break.

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    1. re: azhotdish

      i completely agree....

      or - if you want some azcentric grub, head to 7th ave north of indian school for fry bread house...mmmmmmmmmmmmmm

      1. re: winedubar

        What is the tea room in the same complex as the Arizona Science Center? That has some good food and is a nice lunch for girlfriends or date night/day! If I could only think of the name of it...anybody know it ???

    2. Given the season, I'd suggest grabbing a big juice drink and whatever looks good at the food court in Ranch Market (Roosevelt). It's kind of like a mini vacation South of the border. Happy Cinco de Mayo.

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        Thanks for the suggestions! Turned out we didn't have time for lunch with so much running around (a Chowhound crime, I know). It wasn't a complete loss though as a friend who'd never been to Pizzeria Bianco met us there for dinner. We arrived early enough to avoid a huge wait (only about 45 minutes). The weather was wonderful for sitting outside with glasses of wine which hardly hurt. We had 3 pies -- the Wiseguy for the sausage lover, the Sonny Boy for a "traditional" pizza, and the Rosa (pistachio, rosemary, and red onions) which we dubbed the desert pizza. There was definite skepticism about the combination, but the red onions gave it a sweetness that bound all the flavors together.

        Our consensus by the end of the night was that all the pies were very good and that PB has the combination of good food, ambience, and near religious hype that other restaurants would kill for.

        Best pizza ever? Not sure. It certainly was for that moment, but I'm not dead yet and still have a lot more pizza joints to try!

      2. It's the Teeter House next to the Science Center Downtown...