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May 3, 2007 10:01 PM

Best of CH Phx: Best Slice

Someone mentioned a Best of CH. Let's kick it off.

So in these 'best of' awards they make selections at the general cuisine level(chinese, mexican, etc.), and for some popular items they'll drill it down to a particular menu item. This is the latter.

Let's define "slice". It's NOT the slice of pizza that you pull from the large pepperoni you just had delivered. It's a single slice of pizza, sold as such. You can eat it with a small salad or you can simpy fold it in half and wolf it down as you're walking out to the parking lot. Some joints around town do slices right, especially at lunchtime.

What's your favorite?

I don't typically order slices for a meal, but I do like the slices offered at Venezzia's @ Mill & Southern. They make an extra large pizza (24"), and this is what their slices are pulled from, making them nice and big. The cheese has the right amount of grease-to-pull ratio. Not too greasy, not to gooey.

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  1. my noms are Pat's Pizza Plus (12th and Glendale) and Niccoli's Deli. (16th and Bethany)

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          1. when i do a slice its usually from aj's, central and camelback...