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Dim sum & weekday Indian lunch buffet?

Visiting Los Angeles and Pasadena area this coming week.

I want to compile a short list from your favorite dim sum spots in Chinatown and Monterey Park/San Gabriel/Alhambra. I am still fond of carts but willing to change.

Need recommendations for Southern Indian style buffet lunch. Will have a car and will consider going as far west as West Hollywood/Westwood.

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  1. I don't know for certain that it is offered on weekdays, but Annapurna in Culver City offers a nice South Indian buffet.

    For dim sum, I like Ocean Star.

    1. Dim Sum with carts: (both are moderately priced)
      Capital Seafood on Garvey/Atlantic

      Sea Harbour for non-cart style (expensive)

      1. Could you go as far as chatsworth for Woodlands?

        1. for Dim Sum- the Golden Dragon in Chinatown....mmmm...delicious...

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            I second Woodlands, I was there for the lunch buffet week before last. The people were really nice too, we were early, the first ones there and they still gave us good attention, and by the time we left they were getting pretty busy.

            Note I'm not so pleased with SGV area for Indian food so far . . . used to live SW of Little India, with many better choices. (Maybe you should consider driving to Artesia, it's straight east of the airport near the 605/91 interchange, I think I've seen prior threads on that area and the choices.) Enjoy your visit.

          2. I like Nizam for Indian buffet (northern buffet with tandoor chicken and naan served to the table). It's on Pico in West LA, just east of the 405 freeway.
            Nizam Indian Cuisine
            (310) 470-1441

            Downtown LA dim sum (cart style), CBS Seafood, 700 Spring St. It's easy to reach on the DASH bus also.

            1. Full House in Arcadia is my favorite dim sum place. It's in the 99 Ranch plaza on Duarte and Golden West. I think Nirvana (also in Arcadia) has a lunchtime buffet. That's an Indian place btw. There area number of Indian places in Pasadena, but the names slip my mind at the moment.

              1. Thank you all. Dim sum somewhere today...likely Golden Dragon in Chinatown or Ocean Star in SGV. Had dinner at All India and brunch at Sitar in Old Town Pasadena this weekend and although I am partial to Southern Indian cooking I enjoyed each very much indeed.

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                  I've died and gone to Hong Kong. Easy 20 minute drive from Pasadena (Los Robles or Marengo and Colorado to Garfield or Atlantic to Monterey Park). Mar Center at 145 N. Atlantic Blvd and Garvey houses "Ocean Star" on its second floor. Wow, enjoyed marvelous flavorful dim sum at "Ocean Star." Have to say I enjoyed it more than any of the great numbers of dim sum I have experienced in San Francisco. Now, I cannot wait to go to "888" which was recommended by "locals" at the next table as their "best dim sum." Time for a nap now...thanks again.

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                    On last week's trip to L.A./Pasadena area I tried 888 in Rosemead. Just to compare (two weeks earlier) I prefer "Ocean Star" in Monterey Park for flavorful fillings...esp. enjoyed crispy taro turnovers flavors, quantity and freshness of shrimp in various dumplings and sweet rice roll with BBQ pork. Pretty basic selections I know...but does tell me what I need to know.