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Where do I find the best Croque Monsieur in LA

My friend loves this stuff and I want to take her somewhere that an excellant croc sandwhich. Where do I go?

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  1. I've never had it there, but possibly French 75? or Melisse.

    1. Available Thursday evenings only but the one served at Campanile is the best I have found in L.A. (admittedly, better when Nancy was manning the sandwich press)--with the right glass of white wine, it can be an ecstatic experience. Just make sure to ask for the fries to be well-done as otherwise, all too often, they come out lukewarm and limp.

      1. Angelique Cafe in Downtown LA has a very good croque monsieur. Cheaper than Campanile (plus you don't have to deal with the crowds) and their fries are always crisp

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          I second that! The croque monsieur is AWESOME as are the fries.

          Have the chocolate mousse in the plastic cup after. Not too fancy...but, yummy all the less.

        2. La Frite in Woodland Hills, which also has a Croque Madame (cheese with chicken and tomato) and a Croque Hawaiian (ham, cheese, and pineapple). All are served with very good skinny french fries. Price is $10.50.

          1. the croque madame at La Dijonaise in Culver City was pretty good. And you could sit outside, which is always a plus.

            1. mimosa and also hatfield's has one on their menu.

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                I thought Hatfield's was a croque madame made with hamachi, and was also the size of a silver dollar.

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                  Hatfield's offers a Croque Madame made with hamachi -- utterly surprising and absolutely delicious. While not the size of a silver dollar (ouch, Sauce Supreme!), it is an appetizer-sized portion. Probably not what someone in search of a Croque Monsieur is looking for, but a real treat nonetheless.

                  For a more traditional version, the one at Campanile on Grilled Cheese Night (Thursdays) is great.

                  But if you really want to blow your mind Croque Monsieur-wise without the shlep to France (but with some shleppage involved), the Croque at San Francisco's Tartine rocked our world in a huge way. Best sandwich stateside. (Meanwhile, if anyone here is going to France, the Croque Monsieur at Le Comptoir du Relais in Paris -- made with smoked salmon and caviar -- is incredible!) But I digress -- after all, this is an LA board, so have fun at Campanile!


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                    Okay, so a silver dollar is an exaggeration, but it's still a quail egg. So I guess it's the size of a cell phone. I've attached my (low-light) pic. Note the pea shoots as a frame of size reference.

                    Your blog last mentioned you were in Paris; are you posting from Europe? Hope you're having fun!

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                      I thought croque madame's had fried eggs on top, no? Or perhaps I just can't tell from the picture...:T

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                          The croque madame at Hatfield's does have a fried egg on it as pictured. But it's a quail egg, so it's smaller in size.

                          HungryGirl is right; it's an app, not an entree, and really as part of the tasting menu, it's well sized without sacrificing any flavor.

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                          Because of the egg, it is a Croque Madame, not Monsieur.

                          As for the size of the Croque Madame at Hatfield's, it is (appropriately) on the smaller side because of its status as an appetizer. But it's also quite rich (without being heavy), making it the perfect size for what it is.

                          Alas, SauceSupreme, we are back, but we're still blogging about our Paris eats. Keep checking it out! More to come... :)


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                            Is it just the egg that makes it a croque Madame vs Monsieur? Would you please elaborate? Thanks.

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                              The Madame has the egg and Mornay sauce.

                  2. Dusty's in Silverlake has both a croque monsieur and a croque madame on the menu. I've had the croque madame and it's rich and delicious.


                    1. Doesn't Doughboys do one? I dunno.

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                        I've never seen it explicitly on the menu, but you know, if it's just a melted ham and cheese and tomato sandwich, I'm sure there's something similar.

                      2. Amandine has an excellent Croque Madam ($7.50).

                        Amandine Patissiere
                        12225 Wilshire Blvd- Btwn Wellesley Ave & Amherst Ave
                        Los Angeles, CA 90025
                        310 979-3211

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                          Amandine is terrific for just about everything. Best croissants in town, I'd say.

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                            Lilly's Cafe on Abbot Kinney in Venice. They have a very nice prix fix lunch for $10.99 and Croque Monsieur is on the menu.

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                              I love croque Monsieur however I have ordered it at Lilly's a couple of times with the yuminess factor different every time. Basically every time I ordered, it got worse. I would skip because you'll never know what you'll get. Their other items are decent though.

                        2. Julienne in San Marino. Croque Monsieur with Jarlsburg cheese, pesto and a tomato and apricot chutney, served on rye with a nice little mesclun salad - incredibly, meltingly good...not inexpensive but it was almost too much to eat the whole thing in one sitting (and since I don't eat meat, they happily omited the ham),...the chutney with the jarlsburg is the deal-maker!

                          1. I had a Croque Madame at Le Petit Jardin on Robertson (near Pico) although I had turkey instead of ham. It was really good and they have a Croque Monsieur on the menu too. Pretty inexpensive.

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                              There is a little french cafe on Cahuenga...right before it transitions to ventura blvd called California Canteen. The staff is French, despite the name of the place...and they serve a real old school Croque Monsieur. Crispy white bread, thinly sliced ham, covered in a swiss cheese bechemel sauce. It's served with frites. So good...you want to die.

                            2. I always enjoy the croc at monsieur marcel at the farmer's market (3rd and fairfax)....among other things there.

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                                  Not quite a Croque Monsieur, but MELT DOWN is opening in Culver City. Grilled Cheese Sandwhiches is there thing and the menu looks great!!

                                    1. re: sugarpie

                                      Tuesday thru Sunday 7:30 A.M. to 2:30 P.M.

                                2. Campanile's is supposed to be the best. People aren't recommending it, I think, because many feel it's too snobby.

                                  Come on you're going to pay at least $20 for an entree at any other place why not get the best croc around at "Camp".

                                  There are ways to deal with the celeb attitude esp. if you look hot or can hot make yourself look hot.

                                  Or just ignore it.

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                                    Wait a sec -- people have recommended Campanile here. Also, I don't find Campanile "snobby" or plagued with "celeb attitude" (whatever that means) at all -- and I haven't heard others express this sentiment either (nor have I heard it referred to as "Camp"). But I do agree that the croques (monsieur and madame) and other sandwiches are great.


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                                      Concur, I've never heard of people complaining about Campanile's attitudes. It still stands as one of LA's most influential restaurants in terms of helping define California Cuisine.

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                                        I agree. The chef's one of the nicest chefs around and will make rounds at the tables. Haven't dealt with any 'celeb' attitude there at all.

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                                          So true. Mark Peel is not only a talented chef, but a great guy -- always friendly and looking to make his customers happy.

                                          Although in the past I've found the service a bit scattered (on occasion), the waitstaff is always pleasant. And on more recent visits, the service has been really good.

                                          As for Ernie's comment below vis-a-vis uncrisp fries, I haven't had that experience. Nor have I found the sandwiches bland. I guess that's what makes horse races....


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                                        The grilled cheese night at Campanile is completely overrated. The sandwiches are nothing special and bland, expensive, its crowded, service is poor, and for being such a lauded place on this board they can't even manage to make crisp fries.

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                                          Yes I've noticed what Ernie mentioned about the fries. The snobbiness is from the food quality for the price (could be better) and if it bothers you the celebrity crowd. Me I like that part, others can ignore it but Im guessing some don't like.

                                          Still for croc it's supposed to be good but maybe not worth the extra price over others mentioned? I enjoyed the meal I had there would go back.

                                          I just get the feeling that place would be 10 times better if it was 3 times smaller.

                                          If the owner / chef is making the table rounds it shows he wants to keep it warm and welcoming, good sign.

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                                            go ahead and throw me to the dogs, but I have to say the Cat & Fiddle on Sunset has the meanest croque in town. Their "scotch egg" is also a must order if you're going there