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May 3, 2007 08:35 PM

Where do I find the best Croque Monsieur in LA

My friend loves this stuff and I want to take her somewhere that an excellant croc sandwhich. Where do I go?

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  1. I've never had it there, but possibly French 75? or Melisse.

    1. Available Thursday evenings only but the one served at Campanile is the best I have found in L.A. (admittedly, better when Nancy was manning the sandwich press)--with the right glass of white wine, it can be an ecstatic experience. Just make sure to ask for the fries to be well-done as otherwise, all too often, they come out lukewarm and limp.

      1. Angelique Cafe in Downtown LA has a very good croque monsieur. Cheaper than Campanile (plus you don't have to deal with the crowds) and their fries are always crisp

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          I second that! The croque monsieur is AWESOME as are the fries.

          Have the chocolate mousse in the plastic cup after. Not too fancy...but, yummy all the less.

        2. La Frite in Woodland Hills, which also has a Croque Madame (cheese with chicken and tomato) and a Croque Hawaiian (ham, cheese, and pineapple). All are served with very good skinny french fries. Price is $10.50.

          1. the croque madame at La Dijonaise in Culver City was pretty good. And you could sit outside, which is always a plus.