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May 3, 2007 08:31 PM

Munich--where to eat?

We are going to be in Munich next week for three days and I have no idea where to eat. I have Berlin sorted out as there is much advise and discussion. We are not interested in super expensive nor dress-up places. We both liked eating in Vienna (love Taflespitz (sp?)). We are for San Francisco and have zero interest Asian food as we eat it so ofter here. We are keen on German, Austrian, and French. I love fish, my wife generally does not.

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  1. Go to Weisses Brauhaus, but beware of the waitresses and don't sit at a Stammtisch. Otherwise, you will have an excellent Munich experience.

    1. Second the Weisses Brauhaus. And the place around the corner with all the
      Schweinshaxe roasting in the window. When I was there last, the waitresses were
      all Romainian.

      Is it Biergarten weather there yet? Flaucher is my personal favorite, a bit south
      of the center of town along the Isar. A liter of beer, a couple of pretzels, and
      a Steckerlfisch (a sort of broiled fish on a stick) all under the trees is one of
      the tastiest ways to spend a Munuch afternoon.

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        It's been warm enough for biergartens but rainy. The Schweinhaxe place is called Haxenbauer, it is on Sparkassenstr. 8. There are lots of nice french places but they are a little dressy. You should try to eat white asparagus the traditional way at least once, it is the season for it.

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          >>> You should try to eat white asparagus the traditional way at least once, it is the season for it.

          Oh yes! It is Spargelzeit. It is May. You must eat Spargel. In fact, in Munich, you
          will be hard pressed to *avoid* eating asparagus, it tends to show up everywhere.
          German asparagus is very different from american asparagus. for one, it's white.
          For another, it's deliciously sweet. You are inadvertantly stumbling into one of
          the worlds great chow traditions. Try to eat as much asparagus as you can.

      2. Munich is one of my favorite cities to visit, and we've had some delicious meals there. After you've had your fill of beer and sausage, I highly recommend Acetaia on Nymphenbergerstrasse. The Italian menu is constructed around their 25 year old barrel aged balsamic vinegar. It is delicious! The restaurant is not too far from the Nymphenburg Castle, so if you're heading that way, don't miss Acetaia. I would call in advance for reservations. It has a great reputation and is not a very big restaurant.

        Also, a fun afternoon activity is to rent bikes and ride into the English Garden (Englischer Garten). In the middle of the garden is the Chinese Tower where there is a great biergarten (Biergarten am Chinesischen Turm). Have a great trip!

        1. I'll second beer by the Chinesischer Turm in the Englischer Garten, and sausages in the afternoon in the biergarten/market area. Weisswurst is a local breakfast favorite, easy to find downtown and maybe a puzzle to eat. Dallmayr's, a gourmet shop in the city centre, is a good place to get local stuff before walking around town. Schwabing and Bogenhausen (Restaurant Hippocampus is good but maybe expensive) are two nice areas for walking that have a variety of restaurants.

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          1. I'd also recommend a stroll through the Viktualienmarkt for food to take home or eat on the move. Lots of great local specialties there. If you'd like a place to sit down and eat near there, the Pschorr brewery restaurant (on one end of the Viktualienmarkt) tends to have better chow than many of its big competitors (particularly the Hofbrauhaus)

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              This is my favorite place to eat in Munich too! Make a picnic or it's great for Weißwurst and a Bier for breakfast!