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May 3, 2007 07:38 PM

Le Select - negative review, with one saving grace.

I went to Le Select on Sat. before heading to Second City.
Here goes:

We had:

Onion Tart
- nice crunch, crust was a little too "strong", needed to be flakier
- very salty, filling was salty, as was the goat cheese.

Goat Cheese & Beet Salad
- great salad, beets were perfectly cooked, with a little crunch.
- nice blend of sweetness from the beets and saltiness of the goat cheese

Beef Cheeks
- parsnip puree was perfect, nice considency and seasoning.
- the cheeks had nice texture and colour, but flavour was lacking.

Braised Lamb shank
- absolutely no flavour, none, like it was braised in hot water
- saffron risotto wasn't arborio or carnaroli, just plain long grain rice, and undercooked.
- nothing good about this dish at all, we sent it back and had it taken off the bill!

Lemon Tart
- served with "creme brulee" sugar topping
- sweet, tart, wonderful, the saving grace of the evening.

Chocolate Mousse
- it's chocolate mousse!

Overall, not a good experience, would not recommend or go back.

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  1. It went downhill, IMHO, when they left their Queen Street West location.

    1. Agreed. Can't recommend. I want to like the joint, because it's a beautiful, beautiful room.

      But the food & service just don't cut it!

      1. I went there a year ago and won't be back. The food was mediocre and the service was just okay. Le Select definitely lost something when it moved... I wonder what happened...

        1. That is too bad, used to be so good
          A friend of mine worked there briefly and found the Management more into SALES and move em' in/out, rather than service

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          1. re: NoFixedAddress

            attempted to take out of town friends there on Friday, he place was packed and they said since no reservation, must wait at leats an hour. Lots of empty table son the patio, but we didnt want patio. Other timess th efood has been good, service fine, no reservations available. Was it cause we werent dressed well enough, or did the host hate all th etattoos on my friend. Pretty inconsistent.