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Sensi, Tableau, Olive, Prime, Le Cirque, Bouloud Brasserie, and Breakfast in Vegas

I am going to be in Vegas for a few days next week and am interested in only the following restaurants for dinner- what is good (I will eat anything) and what is unusual at the one's you have eaten at and where would you go again?

Sensi @Bellagio- I am going here for sure.
Tableau @Wynn- I am going here for sure
Olives @Bellagio
Prime @ Bellagio
LeCirque @ Bellagio
Daniel Bouloud Brasserie @ Wynn

Also what are my best options for breakfast in/around the Wynn and/or convention center?

Thanks in advance for your kind replies!

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  1. Get the Crab Bisque @ Tableau. Wonderful.
    Olives in Bellagio is great for lunch. If it is too hot to sit outside it loses a little luster but still very good.
    Prime is a beautiful restaurant with snooty service all in one of the most over priced restaurants. It is steak for goodness sakes. There are better options. Personally I like Capital Grill (although I generally try and steer, no pun intended, away from chains, this is the best Capital Grill I have eaten at) and the Steak House at Circus Circus. Although not trendy and not associated with some celebrity chef, both of these steak houses have been great all times I have gone.
    DB in the Wynn is decent. I like sitting in the lounge and ordering off their full menu. More relaxed and a little more fun. They also have a friendly corkage policy, as does both Circus Circus and Capital Grill.
    There are alot of people who love Bouchon for breakfast on this board. I think it is decent to above average. And if you are confined to that end of the strip then it is the best alternative. However, I think that the Verandah at the Four Seasons has the best breakfast and atmosphere. Their outside area is peaceful and relaxing and the Huevos Rancheros are the greatest ever. Do yourself a favor and try at least once while you are there.

    1. Olive's is the site of the single worst fine dining experience in my life. I'd rather take a bullet to the head than give Todd English one more penny.

      Sensi rocks. Enjoy!

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        Totally disagree on Olives. I'd heard all the naysayers, and even ate there a few years back for lunch and was a bit disappointed, but I ate there a few months ago and couldn't have been more pleased. Quality ingredients, intense flavors, terrific service and great extras like wonderful bread with a memorable tapenade and innovative soups and salads. I loved their lamb. It was a bit overprice, but that's Vegas.

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          Well I guess it's all in what you expect.

          Olives is nowhere near fine dining. It's a casual restaurant with the same atmosphere. The food there is generally good. I'm sure there are a few things on the menu that are lackluster but there are some real gems as well ( the carpaccio is probably the best I've ever had ).

          Sensi is the same type of atmosphere as Olives - casual and unassuming. I've had a couple things there that were good and I've had a couple things that weren't so good. For me, it lacks the "oomph" that makes me want to go back. To be honest when I'm thinking about where I want to eat, I never think about Sensi.

          Again, just my opinion.

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            Apparently our designations are different. "Casual" to me is I'm OK in cutoff's and flipflops...i.e. typical chains and run-of-the-mill neighborhood joints and whatnot. Any place that is going to get more that much coin from me is not casual!

            And I don't care if Olive has their act together...our first visit was so abysmal and the food so unmemorable they'll never get another chance. I'd rather knock down another new menu item at Rosemary's.

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              So, you don't see the distinction between Olives and say - Guy Savoy or Joel Robuchon?

              All I'm saying is that by using your standards there are very few "casual" places on the Strip - they would almost all fall under your "fine dining" category. However, the dress code at 85% of these places allow for shorts, tank tops, cutoffs, sandals, etc.

              Upscale dining - how about that for a compromise?

              Not trying to argue. It's just that I've been in the biz for a long time and I make more than 2 distinctions between restaurant atmosphere.

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                Plenty of distinction...I would consider Savoy and Robuchon to be haute cuisine, or the highest end of the fine dining spectrum.

                "Upscale" works for me.

        2. I really love the buttermilk and/or blueberry pancakes at the Terrace Pointe Cafe at the Wynn. If the weather's nice (not too hot), wait for a table on the terrace overlooking the pool--very lovely.

          Here's a link to an earlier post of mine about the pancakes; my post below that has a photo.



          1. We really enjoyed Mon Ami Gabi in the Paris Hotel...very authentic Paris Bistro...decor & food.

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              I have to agree with Verandah being the best breakfast (I went twice on my last 4 day trip). I went to Verandah one day and was very disappointed.

              I do like Prime and have always had good (not snooty) service.

              Tried Sensi for the first time--great atmosphere, great cocktails, one very good dish and the rest were so so. Fairly expensive for what we got. I think the next time I might just go for cocktails and appetizers at the bar.

              I recommend Mesa Grill at Caesar's.

            2. Thanks to all of you for the great comments. Let me update you on my progress as I ate through Vegas.

              Tableau- fairly casual (lots of jeans, but many sportcoats and ties too) which seems pretty typical for Vegas anyway. I do not think that I tasted a mediocre dish all night. Started out with a roasted red pepper soup- subtle, made with cream but not too rich. Good starter. The Lobster prepared with morels was scrumptious, if a tad bit rich, but the Scallops with wilted spinach and beans served in a soy based glaze was a little better- fanciful flavor, with the sweet taste and firm, slightly chewy texture of the scallops contrasting nicely against the wilted texture and earthy flavors of the spinach. For an entree, the Halibut was terrific, perfectly flaky. Although I did not partake in the desserts, the chocolate tasting looked particularly good with an extremely aromatic variety of chocolate desserts (a friend skipped out on ordering his dinner just to have the dessert which he thought was worth it).

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                More details on the rest of the meals in Vegas.

                Sensi- great atmosphere with a friendly, if slow staff. So-so food. The satay was an ok appetizer. Not any better than my local Thai restaurants, although the mango chutney it came with was a sweet and slightly peppery foil to the beef and chicken- much better than the average peanut sauce it is usually served with (Sensi gives you three different ones but I loved that chutney so much I did not even bother tasting the others). Salmon pinwheel was underwhelming. If I could find one positive, the salmon was done perfectly.

                Terrace Cafe at Wynne- went there for breakfast at 7am. The outside that everyone raves about was closed (I was told they shut it down sometime after 6am until 8:30am). Had the pancakes as recommended by others and found them to be underwhelming. Large and fluffy, but lacking significant flavor.

                Boulud- loved it. Great view of the freaky waterfall. The cheese plate was phenominal. What a great variety- Manchego, aged Gouda, soft goats milk and sheep cheeses- at least 8 different varieites if memory serves me. Short Ribs were so tender- very good but not great. Cannot remember too much about the rest of the meal as the drinks/wine was fantastic and I took in too much (the Spanish Side Car with Star Anise is a terrific revision on a classic).

                Buffet at Wynne- quantity but little quality. And at 17.95 for breakfast (I think?) a poor value.

                Tangerine at Treasure Island- Nightclub. Great party atmosphere, especially outside overlooking the scenery at TI. Lots of young people, mostly male. Lot of friendly people. Wait staff look like Hooters girls but with slightly better outfits.

                Happy eating.