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May 3, 2007 07:28 PM

Doylestown Area Restaurant

We are going to a museum in Doylestown in a couple of weeks. Does anyone have any recommendations for a nice dinner spot? We would be looking for something more fine dining.

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  1. Check into Slate Bleu, top dining spot.
    Also check The Freight House, and also The Knight House (two different restaurants).
    Don't miss Jules Thin Crust pizza for a great thin-crust lunch.
    Do a search on here for "Doylestown" for more ideas.

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    1. re: Sethboy

      On Jules -- I wouldn't say "fine dining" but absolutely the best pizza I've had in a loonnnng time! The organic and local ingredients are a definite perk, too.

    2. Here's a recent thread to get you started...

      If you do a search (and you should), I suggest you ignore posts before 2006. Restaurants can change a lot in 1-2 years!

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      1. re: ambrose

        In addition to Slate Bleu, Knight House and Freight House, I would add in Il Melagronno and the Water Wheel, (inn on Old 611). If you drive a little ways (10 minutes) I can also recommend Bacci and Just Eat by Brown and Gold in Buckingham.

        Other restaurants to consider include Stephanies (in the old Kelly's space, Madame Butterfly (japanese/sushi) or Ooka (japanese with hibachi tables), and Domani Star (BYO italian).

        In Chalfont, you might also like Los Sarappes which is high end Mexican.

      2. If you're visiting the Michener, Slate Bleu is a very short walk. It's cozy with good food and professional service.

        1. Possibly in Doylestown in early June, so this thread couldn't be any more convenient.

          Has anyone had any experience with Pane e Vino? I believe it's relatively new (~one year), but I can't seem to find anything on it short of the name and some "slack" reviews.

          It would also seem the Domani Star's website is down, so a sample menu is completely unavailable. Is there menu as varied [and subsequently accommodating] of chicken/veggie only eaters as some of the other suggestions thus far?

          1. The original comment has been removed
            1. I have been disappointed with the Freight House. The interior is gorgeous, but I have been underwhelmed by both the food and the service. The menu sounds wonderful, but I've been struck by the lack of flavor intensity and complexity of the dishes: so many of the dishes are just okay, and for the prices point I expect more than that. As for service, they seem to be striving for "higher end", but it comes off as pretentious and a bit condescending.

              1. re: wandasue

                The Freight House: Food okay, service is not bad. Of course, they are trying to be very pretentious and that comes from the owner who thinks she's the queen of the world. They hire great, smart, high school kids to bus tables (and these are the good kids) but the management staff are like something out of "Hell's Kitchen". They are condescending to their front staff often in front of diners, not realizing that many of these kids and their parents have also been and are patrons of this restaurant and many of these kids are working in restaurant for the first time. They treat the "amigos" in the back kitchen with more respect than they do the American kids they hire up front. Go to Slate Bleu, the Waterwheel, the Piper Tavern and the Centre Bridge Inn. Fine dining, excellent service and no pompous, pretentious management and owners.