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May 3, 2007 07:28 PM

Nicholas tomorrow night - still early spring menu?

Has anyone been recently? The website still lists the early spring menu, but I was curious.

I had the garden menu once last summer and really enjoyed the fresh vegetables. And though I love the pork, my diet would love a lighter dinner more tomorrow.

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  1. Hey, seal, We were there several times in January. Some of the dishes we had then are still on the current menu.

    Appetizers: The scallops and the tuna sashimi are wonderful.

    Main courses: The honey-spiced squab is out-of-this-world delicious! So, good, I had it twice -- in the bar and in the dining room. The roasted organic chicken has been on the menu for several months. Had it in the fall, and it's terrific. (This from someone who usually doesn't order chicken in restaurants.) I had the turbot as part of a tasting dinner. Excellent. I've also had the veal sirloin, which I found a bit bland.

    Dessert: The lime souffle. I've had it twice. Heavenly!

    We're probably going to be eating at the bar again pretty soon. Some new dishes for us to choose from.


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    1. re: RGR

      RGR, I'm gonna try that squab tonight. Last time I was at the bar I had me some gnocci and banana foster fois gras that was out of this world. Man I'm hungry!

      1. re: joonjoon

        Ooh! I adore seared foie gras! The "Bananas Foster" sounds yummy! But I also love it in a terrine, and there's also a foie gras terrine with a rosemary apple puree, red onion marmelade, and brioche. Decisions, decisions....

    2. I forgot. I also had the venison carpaccio. Very light and delicious!

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      1. re: RGR

        Actually they are serving the mid-spring menu now - lol. It's almost exactly like the early spring menu with the addition of octopus to the appetizer menu and perhaps one or two other things.

        I had the tasting menu. the gnocci were fabulous as was the carpaccio. Both mains were very good as well (Halibut and Veal) but the cheese course and dessert tasting were standouts.

        We are enjoying the moist banana bread they gave us on the way out as I type. Definately have to get back there this summer.

        1. re: seal

          Hey ... when did Nicholas start giving handouts? A long while back we got some chocolates to go but nothing of late. Nicholas must be trying to emulate the NYC four stars.

          1. re: bgut1

            We received a small box of four chocolates on our last visit in December when celebrating a birthday. I presumed the "handout" was related to the birthday.

            1. re: bgut1

              You're right, bgut1! That banana bread handout is new. As jsfein points out, the only time they've previously provided a parting gift was chocolates for birthday celebrants. (Though my husband and I have been there for our birthdays, we've not received the chocolates because we never divulge that information to restaurants.)

              It does sound as though Nicholas and Melissa are taking a cue from NYC restaurants like Eleven Madison, Gramercy Tavern, Compass, etc., and are now doing the breakfast goodie thing. If so, good on them!

              1. re: RGR

                I can't swear to it, but I think I remember other patrons receiving the same little bag. The only problem is that banana bread is one of the few things my wife bakes and now she is depressed because I stupidly said it was better than hers. I should learn to chew more and talk less.

                1. re: seal

                  LOL! Yeah, that foot-in-mouth thing can get you into trouble. I just made a banana-nut bread a few days ago. It's pretty good, but if Nicholas's is better, it wouldn't depress me. In fact, if his pastry chef can't make a better one than I can, they're in serious trouble!

                  1. re: seal

                    Big Mistake!!! Seal - you know better than that :) RGR - I'm sure your banana bread is better. Now if they can make a better key lime pie than me then I know there good.

                  2. re: RGR

                    Just got back from Nicholas. My friend and I share a birthday so the four of us decided to try Nicholas. We all had the 3 course dinner. I had the carpaccio and the halibut. Both were delicious.Not a lot of food. if you're looking for big portions, this isn't the place. It was fine for me. We all picked a different dessert and shared. Thier desserts were really pretty. Our waitress asked us if was our first time here. Then she asked us if it was an occasion. We told her we were celebrating 2 birthdays. Our desserts came out with a Happy Birthday cookie banner and a candle in a raspberry. We each got a 4 piece box of chocolate and little bag of banana bread to go. Such a nice touch.
                    I'll go back. Maybe in the winter. I'll see what the new menu has to offer.
                    Next week is my other celebration at Fromagerie. I'll let you know how that goes.

                    1. re: Pink Pepper

                      Pink - Happy you enjoyed it. I'd be interested in hearing your review of Fromagerie while also contrasting and comparing the two.

                      1. re: Pink Pepper

                        Hey, Pink, Happy Birthday!

                        Glad to hear you enjoyed Nicholas. I agree that their portions are just right. In fact, if you want to experience perfection in portion control, try the tasting menu next time. You will leave not stuffed but entirely satisfied!

                        We were there two weeks ago celebrating our anniversary. However, we prefer not to to tell any restaurant when we're celebrating an occasion. So, when our server asked that question, my response was, "Whenever we dine at Nicholas, it's an occasion!" And that's the truth! :-)

                        Edited to add: We've been hesitating about trying Fromagerie since David Burke took over, given the mixed reports we've heard. Our last meal before that was a disappointment. So, like bgut1, I look forward to reading your review.

                        1. re: RGR

                          Happy Anniversary, RGR. Did they give you the banana bread goodie bag? I did enjoy it this morning with my coffee. Have some left over for tomorrow's breakfast, too.
                          Next time I'll definitely try the tasting menu. Those cheeses did sound tempting. Cheese is my favorite food in the world.

                          1. re: Pink Pepper

                            Thanks for the wishes, Pink!

                            Yes, everyone gets the banana bread. They used to end the meal with the ubiquitous tray of mignardises. But that's gone, and they've substituted this take-home gift. Believe it or not, I'm still eating it. My husband tasted it the next morning and, though he liked it, he just lost a significant amount of weight and avoids overdoing baked goods. So, I've kept it in the frig and have been doling out small slices to myself. One more slice to go....:-)

                            Their cheeses are fabulous! Our server asked what kinds we preferred, and the kitchen assembled a plate accordingly.

              2. These reviews are making me think that this is where we should go for our 2 year anniversary. Sounds really good.

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                1. re: DJMarilyn

                  Another wonderful meal at Nicholas last night. Although I been dining there since it has opened, the restaurant does not cease to impress. The parisenne gnocchi was a first for me. Small pate a choux pillows that are pan fried to give them a nice texture along with sugar snap peas and braised artichoke hearts. It was a wonderful appetizer. For the entree I had the Elysian Fields lamb with eggplant and a cheese ravioli of some sort. While not earth shattering, the entree was solid and well prepared. While I was dissapointed that they took my smores dessert off the menu, I decided to try the new summer berry brioche bread pudding. Three rounds (?) of brioche layered with bluberries and raspberries and dressed in berry juice. Nice, refreshing and summery. Oh and BTW, the new handout is a miniloaf of blueberry bread. I enjoyed some for breakfast this morning.

                  1. re: bgut1

                    Thanks for the report, bgut. I've had the gnocchi, and they are delicious. Haven't had lamb there in a while, so I'm due. (I love lamb!) I see that the website is sorely in need of updating. When we dined at the bar a couple of weeks ago, I noticed that the lamb was on the menu. However, it being wild salmon season, we both opted for that. Sensational! We both started with corn chow that included lobster. I had intended to try the 'Smores, but they were gone by that time. So, we ended with two (new?) desserts: a ricotta tart and a coconut parfait. As usual, not a foot wrong! Michael, the bartender, gifted us a blueberry bread. Yum! My husband ordered tea, and when he mentioned how much he liked that particular blend, Michael gave us a little bag of the tea leaves to take home. :-)

                    1. re: RGR

                      As usual, its interesting you brought up the salmon and the corn chowder. These were items ordered by my table mates and they raved about them. I'm a tea drinker myself and always enjoy the tibetan tiger they serve. While normally an earl grey fan, there is something about the TT that does it for me (maybe a little chocolate in there). BTW, I agree about the webpage. I went there last night intending to order the rare bargain of a 1995 Brane Cantenac. Of course it wasn't in stock anymore. Instead the waiter suggested an impressive Daniel Rion Burgundy. I may now have to start dinking burgundies.

                      1. re: bgut1

                        Tibetan Tiger is very likely the tea my husband had since it did have a chocolate flavor. He often likes to try different tea flavors.

                        Btw, at Lorena's, his favorite is the Paris tea (black teas with current, caramel & citrus). However, during the summer months, he has switched to iced coffee, which Lorena, herself, makes for him. :-)

                2. Never eaten at the bar at Nicholas, but may do so this week. Anyone know whether the Bar Menu on the website is current?

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                  1. re: jsfein

                    jsfein - I haven't been to the bar in over a month but I have had many of the dishes on the online menu. I wholeheartedly recommend the gnocchi, crab salad, scallops, the crispy halibut and the beignets. I did however dine in the main room a few weeks ago and can tell you that many items on the online menu are no longer avaialble including my fave S'mores dessert.

                    1. re: jsfein

                      We are eating in the main room Saturday so my report will be just a bit late for you, but, if you don't mind, would you post about your bar meal?

                      1. re: jsfein

                        Hey, jsfein,

                        As you may have noticed, the date on the on-line menu says "June." We ate at the bar at the beginning of July, and there were dishes on the menu that do not appear on the on-line menu. That really surprises me because Melissa has always been very keen about keeping the on-line menus up-to-date.

                        The fact is, everything we had was new. Acc. to the meal ticket I have on file that would be corn chowder, wild salmon, and two desserts, a ricotta tart and a coconut parfair. All sensational, of course! Obviously, it's hard to say if any or all of these are still being served. But regardless of what you have, it's bound to be delicious!

                        Enjoy and Bon Appetit!

                        1. re: RGR

                          Thanks bgut1, seal and RGR. If I make it to the Bar, I'll post. The wife and I have 4 nights this week (starting tonight), with the kids away (YA-HOO) and I'm trying to squeeze in 4 good dinners. Piccolo Italia, Drew's Bayshore Bistro (never been) and One53 (never been) are other possibilities. Also celebrating our anniversary at one of these places tomorrow night.

                          1. re: jsfein

                            jsfein - First and foremost happy anniversary. All of your choices are fantastic - especially One53 (I posted a detailed review somewhere around here). Enjoy and don't forget to let us know how they went.

                            1. re: jsfein

                              Hey, jsfein,

                              I haven't posted a detailed review yet, but we went to One 53 last week. To give you just a hint of how I felt about it, I would not use the word "fantastic." Sorry, dear bgut! :-(

                              If I had to choose amongst the three you list, on just food alone (not considering ambiance), I'd pick Drew's.

                              Better yet, would you consider going to Lorena's for your anniversary? Not just good, but superb food. Perfect for celebrating a special occasion! They are now open on Tuesday, and you should be able to get a reservation.

                              Wherever you end up, Happy Anniversary! :-)

                              1. re: RGR

                                RGR - What?!? You just can't leave me like that! In fact this is the second negative comment I heard from someone I recommended the restaurant to (the other was a co-worker). Boy ... this hurts. Seriously, what happened?

                                1. re: bgut1

                                  Hey, b., I figured that would get your attention! lol Don't put a gun to your head just yet. I will post my review soon on the One 53 thread. Stay tuned!

                              2. re: jsfein

                                Happy, Happy, Happy Anniversary!!

                                I know you will enjoy your meals - definately post and let us know.