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May 3, 2007 07:21 PM

Fogo de Chão?

We just got a Fogo de Chão in Mpls and all I know about it is that it is Brazilian food and it is a chain. Any opinions on it?

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  1. There's at least one other thread on this...

    We have (at least) one here in LA, in Beverly Hills. My own opinion, its very good - the food is great, by far the best of any all you can eat restaraunt I've ever been to. But, its pricey and hard to get your money's worth unless you have a very big appetite or you've been enough times to know which items you like best and can concentrate on them. Anyway, unless $50 per person (before drinks) is not a lot of money to you, its more of a (very) special occasion type of place.

    1. We've eaten at the one here in Houston, Tx and we loved it! Our server was so attentive. We like our meat on the rare side and he never brought us anything that was overdone. They had these little cheese puff pastries that were so addictive I wanted to shove a pile in my pocket, but I didn't have one! I really don't remember the salad bar so much, because we were there for the meat!

      1. I've been to the one in Dallas (the original US location). In addition to a never-ending supply of meats being delivered to your table, the salad bar is to die for, and the sides are tasty and interesting (deep fried polenta ... mmmm). Service is excellent and attentive.

        It's pricy, but an interesting night out.

        1. Fogo de Chao is a churrascaria--a restaurant that serves Brazilian barbeque. So it's one stye of Brazilian cooking. We have several churrascarias in southern calif., and so far, I haven't found the need to pay a premium to eat at Fogo, although the LA reviews have generally been good.

          1. Fogo is certainly a good choice. I have eaten at the Dallas location (Beltline Rd.) on several occasions. Two smaller competitors Texas de Brazil (seven states and Aruba) and Boi Na Braza are also excellent Brazilian steakhouses chains. Boi is just opening in Cincinnati. The salad bar at Boi Na Braza is even better than Fogo or Texas de Brazil. All three chains have about the same meat choices and gaucho style service.