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May 3, 2007 06:57 PM

sunday brunch near dc/nova metro

I'm searching a good place to have a Sunday brunch for about 8 people that's near a dc/nova metro station. Someplace nice, reasonable, takes reservations, and preferrably doesn't just have a buffet would be awesome. We already tried Cafe Atlantico (heard good things about it), but they couldn't give us a reservation until the afternoon, which was too late for a few people. Thanks for any help!

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  1. What about Belga Cafe on 8th Street near Eastern Market?

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    1. re: alexfoodie

      The food at Belga Cafe is very good. I would get a reservation though if you are going this weekend since there is a big street festival around Eastern Market.

      You should be warned though..while the food is good, I think the service is exstremly snotty...and for no legitamite reason time and time again.

    2. poste is close to cafe atlantico, and does a more traditional brunch... but there is also oyamel in chinatown (and another jose andres restaurant) that has a brunch....

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      1. re: food.fiend

        I 2nd Poste...I had a lovely lunch there when my parents were in town. You HAVE to get the truffle fries if you go there.

        I few other brunch suggestions:

        *Ardeo in Cleveland Park
        *Bistro Bis- I really love their brunch and you can usually get a reservation last minute. Near Union Station metro.

        And there is always Georgia Brown's crazy brunch if you can get in...but part of that is a buffet.