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May 3, 2007 06:55 PM

Caterer in Sunnyvale for a BBQ (cheap)

I posted previously looking for a kabob caterer, but my co-worker thinks that's too "ethnic" - boo.

Anyway, my company is being cheap and we are looking for a caterer, or semi-qualified caterer, to come to a park in Sunnyvale and provide & cook burgers and the like. Does anyone know of anyone that does this??? I am just a step from hiring a day laborer for this since our budget is tight - $500 for 35-40 people. I suggested AG Ferrari's lunch boxes, but those seem to have been nixed for a bbq.


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  1. The price you want to pay it will be hard to find a Caterer to do this job. But if you want to call the Job Crop in San Jose where they have a cooking school that can do caterering jobs sometime you may be able to slove your problem. Sorry I do not a phone number at hand but I am sure they will be in the phone book. I did a job fair there once many years ago and they cartered a wonderful lunch for the folks who manned the booths.

    I am petty sure they can do hamburgers and sides for that price.

    Otherwise you can call In and Out which has a Hamburger truck. I was at business where they had a In and Out truck, but I do not know the price they charged. They served over two hundread so they may have a high number of people then you firm has.

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      Thanks. I will check th Job Crop out.

      In N Out sounded cool, but it was either too expensive or required food for a minimum of 100 people when Iooked into it. I'd flip bugers myself, but I just broke my arm

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        I think I was at an event where the SJ Job Corps students catered or helped cater the food, but it was years ago and I can't really remember if it was the SJ Job Corps or other similar organization. I found the contact info for you:

        San Jose Job Corps Center
        3485 East Hills Drive, San Jose, CA 95127-2970
        Phone (408) 254-5627

        Webpage describing their culinary class:

    2. You might want to consider Armadillo Willy's catering. It's not that expensive (between $10-$16 per person) and they deliver.
      I have had it before, pretty good for picnic food.

      1. I had a terrific BBQ party in San Jose a couple of summers ago that was catered by Absolute Barbeque from Redwood City. I just took a quick look at their current menu, and their packages range from $12 (burgers) to $16 (tri tip) per person, with kids meals at just $6.50, plus service charge and tax. We had tons of food leftover and I really cannot recommend the company strongly enough. A few weeks before this party, we attended one catered by Armadillo Willies, and it was not nearly as good.

        In the same price range is Asqew Grill, which specializes in skewers, but I have not been to one of their parties so I cannot comment about the quality.