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May 3, 2007 06:51 PM

megu or morimoto

can anyone give me some insight here? megu or morimoto?? i was checking out menupages reviews and there were a quite a few unflattering posts about both. i just want to know your opinion!

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  1. I personally had a better experience at Morimoto. If you have a party of more then 4 (I'm guessing) try to get a table in one of the pods. They are little enclosed glass areas which feel very personal - but you can see and hear everything. Although I don't think you will get very full at either of these restaurants since the portions are so small, I prefer the food at Morimoto. Try the favorites because they don't disapoint - rock shrimp, black cod, spicy king crab. Although the bar and dining room at Megu are very special and walking into the dining room is quite a grand event, the portions were so small I could barely form an opinion. My BF had the Kobe beef that you cook yourself on a heated rock and enjoyed the interactive experience. Our waiter wasn't very engaging and the check was out of this world.

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      i was leaning toward morimoto already. but someone said the place was kind of cheezy inside and that put me off a llitte. its hard to go by other peoples reviews though. you just don't know what level of service and quality people are used to. did you have sushi as well? i go to nobu in vegas and we do a couple hot and a couple cold apps, sushi, tempura and dessert (wine too!) and that is usually good. i never leave feeling full; as in disgusting. but i do feel satisfied. have you been to masa? or bar masa? that was my original choice but then i was reading about the other two places. when megu opened i never had any interest in going; but feelings change. i may go to morimoto in aspen during the food and wine classic. but i may not. so maybe i should stick to it in the city. hmmm . . .

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        Between Megu (downtown) and Morimoto, I too had a better experience at Morimoto. Megu is an experience to be sure, but the menu itself can be a bit overwhelming (as can the check when it arrives) and if you don't know in advance what to order, it can be hit or miss. That being said, if money is not an issue, I'd recommend Masa. Eating at Masa is, IMO, a once in a lifetime experience. Definitely a top-5 meal I've had in NY. But it is quite pricey and not good for groups. Bar Masa, the sister restaurant next door, is more casual and is also very good.

        1. re: nikky

          I had a much better experience at Megu. I have to admit, my expectations were rather low, but the service and most of the food was fantastic. My least favorite item was the lobster with Miso Sauce. I thought the spicy tuna roll was just ok, but the crispy asparagus and king crab legs are not to be missed!

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            I pick Megu over Morimoto but to be fair, I had lunch at Morimoto and dinner at Megu. Personally, I like to atmosphere at Megu better - more artistic and fun while Morimoto was grand and sparse. The food at Megu was pretty good especially their sushi - loved their vinegary rice. Do NOT get the Kobe beef there; I thought it was average beef that was overpriced. I had Kobe beef as part of the omakase at Nobu and it was so much better. Come to think of it, I would recommend Nobu downtown (haven't been to the uptown location yet) over both Megu and Morimoto for food.

    2. I'm not crazy about either places and I found the service to be very similiar (waiters rushing to and fro, forgetfulness, sushi rather than sashimi in morimoto, entree mixups with tables, some appetizers never came in megu). But If I had to go back, I would pick Megu. Their menu is more interesting, extensive and inventive. No offense to Morimoto, but Megus' cooked dishes tasted better and they grate fresh wasabi for your sushi in front of your eyes if you require it.

      For the same price, your better off in Yasuda.