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May 3, 2007 06:04 PM

Help -- Mint Juleps require crushed ice!

...and crushed ice to fuel a party for 30 is a pain to create. Any leads on where in Brooklyn you can buy tons of crushed ice by the bag?

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  1. Check out some of the restaurants in your area, they may have a crushed ice machine ( a lot of seafood or raw bar restaurants have the machines, they need crushed ice to set up the displays and plate up raw oysters and clams...ditto a fish store or upscale gourmet market). A friendly owner/manager may be willing to sell you crushed ice...just get your hands on some bags to fill up..the new XL Ziplocs may help. If you live in Park Slope try Blue Ribbon...I live in Queens so I do not know Bklyn. that well...so ask around.

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      Thanks, hopkicker3! The search is on...
      The party's in Williamsburg, so if anyone has any leads 'round there, I'm all ears!

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        I wonder if the Kellogg Diner would be able to hook you up. Otherwise, you can probably get a couple of sleeves of ice from one of the beer distributers and it wouldn't take long to beat those bags into shards-- just drop on the sidewalk a bunch of times or take a big stick to them......work out some frustrations! LOL.....

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          Ha-ha; that frustration-relief model is our usual method, too!

          Thanks for the Kellogg suggestion, too; will definitely investigate.

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            There's also a fish store on Metropolitan over there. They sure use a lot of ice.

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              And An's Fish market on the corner of Grand and Bushwick....they might have alot of ice to give ya.....might be fishy, though....haha

      2. When I was in college and had only a small crappy freezer I figured out that you can make a HUGE amount ice fairly quickly with some large ziplock bags and cookie sheets. Put just enough water into the bag to give layer of water less than one quarter of inch deep. Place bag flat on cookie sheet(s). The water freezes quickly and then you have a sheet of ice that is easily fractured into exactly the kind of dry shards of ice that are perfect for drinks.

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          Nice! and very smart. Thanks :)

          1. A friend throws an annual derby party and is always on the hunt for crushed ice. Used to be a place in the Bronx that had it, but was a pain to get to. This year he found a company that sells crushed ice and has same day delivery!!! The delivery is key because the party is usually about 200 people, and EVERYONE gets a mint julep. Here's the info:


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              thanks bklyngirl,
              I gave nuzzice a try. Their website ordering didn't work, and I couldn't get an answer at their phone #.

              However, I did track down a place in Queens. Tri-Boro Ice Co. is an ice factory that does mostly wholesale. They will sell retail for pick-up only though. They need a few hours heads up for crushed ice, since it is by order only.

              They''re at 41-08 Astoria Blvd. Phone # is 718-728-9462. www.tri-boroice.com

              I'm hosting the party mentioned by the OP btw. Thanks for the suggestions all. Kellogg's didn't know what I was talking about, and none of the sushi restaurants were open yet. Either way, looks like I've found my annual source.


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                That's to bad. They must be overwhelmed with Derby orders!