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Any sushi places with happy hour prices or specials?


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  1. en sushi does....not the greatest sushi but its decent and its fairly hip.....plus their west la location is walking distance for me. =)

    check out their website for the deals:


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      this is what I was going to suggest too. It's not the greatest sushi ever, but they have some decent rolls and it's a fun place to hang out.

    2. i'm a huge fan of sushi, but can't fork over the cash too often. some places have happy hour specials with discounted prices. i know it's most likely not going to be the cream of the crop, but as long as it's decent and doesn't cost too much, i don't mind. i'm willing to go anywhere in the LA area.

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        Chaya Venice has a decent happy hour.

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          Just a suggestion, how about lunch time choices? Sushi Gen has a sashimi lunch that is inexpensive. Sushi Go 55 does as well. They are both in Little Tokyo.

          I would much rather shell out the 13 or so for the lunch specials than get 5 orders of "cheap" sushi. You stomach will thank you in the end.

          1. Wabi Sabi in Abbot Kinney, I think it gets mixed reviews on here, but I always love it.

            And yes, on the topic, they have pretty good happy hour deals

            1. Sushi Roku in Pasadena has happy hour specials on rolls, all night on Mondays.

              1. Here is my list of edible, cheap sushi. Not necessarily Happy Hour, but cheap.

                Crazy Tokyo Sushi in Woodland Hills (bad service) or the other location (Encino): they have 1/2 price sushi all day for everything but super special rolls. It's pretty good deal and the sushi is not bad, but the service in the WH location is not so good, unless you sit at the bar.

                Sushi 5 in Tustin: fresh, yummy, revolving sushi (no sashimi) for $2.50 a plate for everything (check out elmomonster's website for more info)

                Kiyozuzu in Arcadia: sushi combo lunch for around $6, dinner combos from around $10 (ordering sushi by itself can cost more though)

                1. Sushi Mac- its $2.75 a plate (from 2 pieces to 6). It's a quick bite to eat kind of place that usually plays. Not the best sushi and it satifies my sushi urges.

                  1. Isn't there a late night happy hour sushi place in Venice?

                    1. Zencu in Little Tokyo has happy hour prices (half price rolls, 99 cent Kirin), but the quality and service are both suspect. I go here to have sushi with my beer, not the other way around.

                      I also go to Sushi of Naples in Pasadena for their happy hour, but rarely order sushi. The happy hour prices also only apply if you sit at the 7 person bar.