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May 3, 2007 05:35 PM


What is it...a Mexican hamburger???

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  1. Not really... It's more of a variation on the Torta/Sandwich. My favorite are from the Truck on Venice near Overland by the Smart and Final. The Chicken Milanesa is EXCELLENT! :)


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    1. re: Dommy

      There is one place here in the valley that I pass every day. They advertise Cemitas Poblano and the picture shows what looks like a hamburger, which is why I asked.

      1. re: robwein

        Yes, the roll is different from a typical 'Torta', it does look like a Big Mac Bun. :) But more rustic. If you are sammich lover like me, check it out and of course report back! :)


        1. re: robwein

          Is it the place on the southwest corner of Victory and Kester? Don Adriano's or something like that? They have a big picture in front. It's kind of like a stripped down torta, in that it has fewer ingredients. Meat(s) of your choice, cheese, avocado, onion. The bun is a lot chewier than a typical torta roll. I prefer tortas but the cemita is ok.

            1. re: robwein

              If you try it out and don't like it, the most you've spent is around $5. Also they have Mexican Coke in bottles there.

        2. re: Dommy

          There is a place in the same strip mall as Dinahs fried chicken in Glendale, El Ruby, the make a good Cemita Poblana also!

        3. What Dommy! said, and I could add that unlike a torta, which often has a thick slice of cheese, the Cemitas I've had use this stringy version which melts a bit near the meat. Also, they put a whole, soft roasted chile in a paste that mushes in with the cheese and meat and is just fabulous. Usually there is avocado spread on, too. The roll is puffier and heartier than a torta roll, too, and this supports and offsets the pepper and cheese.

          It's a great package, I love milanesa on this, either de asada or pollo, and yeah, the truck at Venice and Clarington is really great. If you like a torta, you have got to try this.