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May 3, 2007 05:34 PM

Stage Restaurant, Honolulu

Anyone try the new Stage Restaurant at the Honolulu Design Center? The chef is one of Alan Wong's people and some of the early review are saying it looks good. Comments?

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  1. I've heard mixed reports on the food and service. Has anyone written anything available on line about it?

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      Yoshio, we went there this weekend for brunch. Very dissapointed. Breakfast should be reasonable, good, and enjoyable. Struck out on all three. We ordered a basic two eggs over easy, bacon, w/potatoes. $!2.00 !!! My husband wanted toast with his well done eggs (That's how they arrived). A bread basket is $8.00 extra. My eggs benedict was tasty, yet expensive $14.00. Heard dinner was better. Atmosphere was alittle to avant-garde for enjoying a meal. Hard to eat in a room where everything is black with shards of white. The waitstaff was alittle too polite (trying to kiss-ass to earn a tip).

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        What you might consider 'kiss ass', others consider good service. Its too bad your expense account doesn't let you enjoy fine dining and good tipping.

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          I think if you know how to read you will see that Yoshio has never been there. It was likris that went and did not have a great experience.

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            Um, yeah. Exactly what manomin said.

        2. re: Yoshio

          I ate there twice last week while on business. Lunch offered a nice 3 course business special and the wine bar just outside the restaurant is very nice. Dinner is more expensive and the chef seems to still be settling on the menu. I wouldn't hesitate to go there again but wouldn't go out of my way to get there either.

        3. The chef (name escapes me now) was one of the guest-chefs at AW's New Wave Lu`au last Fall. His pork tamale was the hit of the meal for us. At that time, he was not doing it on his menu, but it seems that the AW staff had gotten so many compliments on it, I would not be surprised if they did not encourage him to add it.

          Have not been, so I cannot comment. Will work it in this Fall, and see what's going on there.


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            Veteran local food writer Wanda Adams raves about the place:


          2. My wife and I will be dining there this coming Saturday night, and I will post a report.

            I have heard very, very, good things from friends who have dined there.

            1. Hi,
              My husband ate there for the first time last nite. I have to say I was a little disappointed but have hope. The food tasted excellent...especially the seafood risotto my husband ordered. I had the Seared Ahi, wonderful flavors. Unfortunately, the Ahi was only mildy warm and the puree of potatoes it came with were cold (very cold). Also once we received our food we didn't see our waiter again. My husband ordered a glass of wine from the server which never showed up. The waiter was apologetic, but too little too late. If they can get the service timed better and make sure they're serving food that is the right temp this could be a great restaurant.

              1. service terrible, very overpriced