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May 3, 2007 05:25 PM

FRITTELLI's...Are they as good as they sound?

Apparently, I am having major sugar fantasies right now, and I just went To Frittelli's Donuts website. Enlighten me, my darlings!!

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  1. IMHO... not really... I have a pretty standard Apple Fritter there... Nothing worth the price of admission...


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    1. re: Dommy

      Thanks, Dommy. I think I'm pms'ing... : )

      1. re: cupcake

        Believe me... I understand... LOL! The other day P. was taunting with a re-run of the Portland No Reservations featuring the bacon maple donut.... LOL!


        1. re: Dommy

          It's worth a try if you're in the neighborhood, particularly if you like maple as they're big on maple flavored doughnuts. I liked that they weren't as sweet as regular doughnuts. What's really worth it is their coffee -- they do excellent espressos and cappucinos. It's a more refined doughnut experience, which may or may not be what you're looking for.

          1. re: Chowpatty

            Nope, that is what I didn't like, they seemed too 'subtle'. But my favorite is the fruit stuffed from the Donut Man. :) That is, until I get my butt to Portland... LOL!


    2. I found FRITTELLI'S donuts excellent. I especially liked the crumb one and the cinnamon swirl. I am going back next week for another visit. I am not a huge donut fan, but since I will be in the neighborhood...

      1. While I don't find myself craving them, I did enjoy them. Not too sweet (a plus for me), but the flavors weren't quite as deep as they could've been. Cake-style donuts were the best. Worth a visit, no doubt.

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        1. re: alexfood

          I second the nod for the cake-donuts. They have some interesting flavors that are yummy (I can't imagine a donut Not being yummy though...). But all in all, I wouldn't say this place is worth any special trips.

          1. re: hyacinthgirl

            Okay... maybe that is my missing link... As a general rule I avoid cake donuts... The only cakey ones I like are those fresh made Mini Donuts from Venice.. Hmmm


        2. I've actually been curious about their hot chocolates. Has anyone tried them?

          1. over all the donuts are way too sweet. with the exception o the crumb/cake. but their coffee and espresso drinks are awesome. we actually go there for coffee before we go anywhere for breakfast and smuggle our cups in.

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            1. re: woofer

              I concur. I bought an assortment and tried them and they were all too sweet. They are pricey too. Maybe not for the quality of ingredients but for the taste.

              Worth trying though, just to see if you'd like them.