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May 3, 2007 05:24 PM

Fun Nightclub type Restaurants with great food & drink in North Bay?

Hey Im just looking for somewhere my girlfriends and I can go out and have a really good late dinner, hang out, have some cocktails and meet new people. Anyone know anywhere with a bar and a good late night menu?? Thanks!

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    1. How about Larkspur Landing -- there's Marin Brew Pub, E&O and Noonan's. It's a starting point, but may not be nightclub-type places.

      1. Good food in North Bay nightclub type places?
        I may be ignorant, but that's a tall order, especially in the area I'm thinking of right now.

        Belvedere Cove, Tiburon.

        Have food somewhere else, and enjoy drinks and snacks at Sam's Anchor Cafe.
        On a friend's birthday, we docked his boat here (after a large dinner at a yacht club) and enjoyed cocktails and a bit of late night dancing. The setting is fabulous, it's casual and relaxing but it does get noisy later on - I am not sure if this atmosphere is the "fun nightclub type" you are looking for, but it certainly was a lot of fun.

        1. North Bay is quite a large area; are you talking Sonoma or Marin County?

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              My bad! When I see "North Bay" I always think straight up the GG bridge! :D

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              I usually try to stick around Marin, Sonoma and Napa area...

              1. re: fyoulady

                Finnegan's in Novato is kinda fun, not open super late though. Good pubbish type food (hamburgers, fish and chips), friendly folks.

                1. re: Cindy

                  Thanks! Im REALLY Irish so I love places like this! I will definitly check it out!