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May 3, 2007 05:18 PM

Broken handle on a Henckels - any experiences?

Anyone have any experience remedying a broken Henckels knife? It's a Pro S, I think. Submit a request to the USA address on the website and hope for electrons to flow properly to the right knife dude in charge of being nice to the public?

I tried with Macy's (where I'm sure I bought the thing many moons ago) and they were no help. Imagine that!


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  1. Henckels has a web site. Why not look there?

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    1. re: mpalmer6c

      Thanks, mpalmer6c. Yes, I did check the website first, and expected to find a lifetime warranty with instructions on what to do. I didn't find anything specific or welcoming to reporting defective products, just a USA address and email. That's what I allude to in my post above.

      Anyone ever work directly with them?

      1. re: CulverJack

        Then search for Henckels warranty. You're out of luck with a wood handle. Otherwise, send it to them and they'll consider replacing it. (Tip: Be specific if possible with a Web search.)

    2. I broke the tip off a Henkel. The good people at Sur la Table gave me contact info for Henkel whereupon I forwarded the knife and it was replaced no questions asked.

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      1. re: gargantua

        I broke the tip off my Sabatier au Carbone knife,when I did a stupid trick when I was in the weeds once. I E-mailed and they replaced it free of charge with a forged Forschner blade. I only had to pay shipping costs.

        I would contact Henckels directly and possibly provide them a digital photo of the damage, just to be sure. Most forged knife makers will replace them for free or at a depreciated scale.

      2. They should have a life time warranty.

          1. Thanks, all - I'm on it. We'll see how it goes.