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May 3, 2007 05:11 PM


Went to 707 on May 2nd for lunch and just had to say how unhappy I was. I got the Ceaser salad ($9) with grilled shrimp ($6.50). When it came out it as an appitizer salad with 3 grilled shrimp. It was TINY. Would it have killed them to throw in a little more lettuce for a salad that cost $16.50? When I said something to the waitress she said that the entree salads were larger and they started at $17. Huh? Wasn't my salad that much? The bar was brillent but there isn't any good bar food to enjoy. The menu does not match the decor!

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  1. I am sorry you had a bad experience there. I went there last friday night, and had a good time and enjoyed the food. I didn't feel our portions were too small, and overall we enjoyed our experience--we got the mini hot dogs (these were good, not great), reuben springrolls (very good), shrimp cocktail (great), eggs with potatoes and bacon (great), tuna club (ok), and funnel cake (very good). Overall the prices were fair (except for the tuna club bc they were skimpy on the tuna). I agree, the decor is great but does not match the comfort food. Hopefully they can work out the kinks, and may reevaluate some menu items. I must note that our service was outstanding.

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      We had lunch there this past week and loved it. We both had the hanger steak salad and it was amazing- and quite larger than we expected from the minimalistic atmosphere. We shared the funnel cake for dessert which was a nice treat. The chocolate sauce tasted like Herhey's syrup though.

      Back to the salad- this was the perfect lunch salad- around $15 in price- a lot for everyday, but nice for a special treat during the work week. The dressing was so yummy, as were the crispy onions. We will be going back.

    2. Actually $9 + $6.50 + $15.50.
      Regardless it seems chintzy.
      I only walked past it and the contrast of the decor with the food posted on the website is bizzare. Over stylized restaurants with basic comfort (boring) food never survive.

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        Well, except for Jones, the Continental Midtown...

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          Jones and continental midtown are NOT white tablecloth restaurants with silverware and stemware place settings.....

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            That's true, but what you actually said was 'over stylized', which they are.

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              They clearly arent if they have no tablecloths or wineglasses BUT have ketchup bottles on the table. Creating your interpretation of the Phrase "Over-stylized" defeats the point. One could make the point that Jones and continental arent fancier than they need to be, they are just modern playgrounds that cost a lot of money and look like they cost a lot of money but cost/price isnt the issue......"Aesthetic" is the issue.
              707 has a much more formal and fine dining aesthetic.