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May 3, 2007 05:05 PM

Coming to Portland for a week...

Any thoughts on places to try? I'll be on a business trip, staying at the Marriott at 1231 North Anchor Way. I don't know Portland at all so I don't know what area that's in or what's up for suggestions for everything from fine dining to local-favorite hole in the is very much appreciated, thanks!


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  1. Will you have a car? I think that's up near the intersection of Marine drive and I-5, just south of Jantzen Beach--not exactly a hotbed of great cuisine.

    1. If the Marriot's at Marine Drive, your closest bet is to head to NE Alberta Street and N Mississippi Street. Just walk the neighborhood -- you'll love them both and will find plenty of great eats.

      1. Get thee to the Pearl District. There are numerous dining choices cheap to dear, fancy-pants to shorts. Olea for Mediterranean, Bay 13 for seafood and sushi, Le Bouchon for French bistro, Silk for Vietnamese (Happy Hour is the best food buy in PDX) Fenouille for fancy-pants (setting is stunning and the food is wonderful, too!) Great sushi at Sin Ju, hash-house chic at By-ways Cafe, scene-making at Ola, Blue Note and Paragon. Oh, and try Andina -- Peruvian tapas extraordinaire...Good luck and have fun!

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          Thanks for the recs! We'll have a car so we can get out a bit...and we'll probably do a few expense account meals so maybe we'll have to try Fenouille. Hopefully Portland food is as good as Seattle, I miss it up there.

          1. re: trojanhorse

            Unless you want to hit chains like BJ's or Denny's, you'll want to use that car for EVERY meal. You can go across the river into downtown Vancouver and get some decent food at the Hilton (Gray's), Jerusalem Cafe, Thai Orchid, and Tiger Garden, but you can do better within a short drive into Portland.


          2. re: popcorn

            I second OLEA. It is the best restaurant in the city, as far as I'm concerned, except maybe for clarklewis in the SE Industrial dist. As for hole-in-the wall type places, Nicholas' on Grand right near the Burnside Bridge has fantastic Lebanese food for next to nothing, though you'll have to wait in line most nights, now that the weather's nice again. If you've got some time for breakfast, try Zell's at SE 13 (?) and Morrison.