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May 3, 2007 04:58 PM

Indian/ PB county

I am looking for some good Indian food- I live in Boynton, but I'm willing to travel a little if it's worth it. I've been to India Garden in WPB and Punjab in Boca- but neither one blew me away. I recently had some in Portland, OR that was superb- and I want to find that again!
Any recommendations?

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  1. Not sure about Palm Beach County, but Madras Cafe in Pompano is worth the 25-30 minute drive, on Powerline near McNab. One of the best in the area overall, with the usual northern dishes and a fair bit of southern and other regional stuff too.

    There are a couple of full-on vegetarian South Indian places further down in Broward, which will probably take you more like 40 minutes to get to. Search this board for Woodlands and Udipi Cafe. Both are quite good; Woodlands is a bit closer, Udipi is a bit better and nicer IMO.

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      as an expat Brit living in south fl (PBC) I have yet to travel further south for an Indian. I tried the Punjab and it was utterly awful (frozen veg, same sauces with different names, terrible papadams).

      There is a little Indian more or less take out though you can eat there on Glades and 95 on the south side in the strip mall by the side of the hospital. Cannot remember what it is called but it is certainly an improvement over the Punjab.

      otherwise it's do it yourself curries at home

    2. Madras is good for the standard tandoori chicken and nan. The solids in the dhaiwaras and sag ghosht were stale and sparse and the sauce was too rich. Also no fresh spices. I am Indian so I need the real deal. I just moved to Pompano and went out to this Indian Plaza in Plantation last weekend. There is a restaurant there that looks very promising. It was Sunday at 3pm and it was packed with mostly Indians. I am going to head out there next weekend so will post about it.

      It is just east of (NW?) 44th St and Pine Island near the Sunrise theater.