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May 3, 2007 04:30 PM

Buffalo Meat in SF

I love Trader Joe's ground buffalo steaks. They've got me wondering where else I can buy buffalo meat in SF. Any suggestions would be helpful. For the matter, I LOVE venison, is that available anywhere?

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  1. Any of the Wholefoods markets in the bay have buffalo meat. I'm a big fan of their buffalo new yorks.

    1. Prather Ranch in the ferry building has a great assortment of buffalo meat -- including rib-eyes.

      1. I recently bought some at Golden Gate Meat in the Ferry building. They had venison, too.

        1. Bullshead restaurant (West Portal and the Castro) serves it. I believe they also sell it.

          1. In the East Bay, Baron's (Alameda and Berkeley) usually has buffalo and occasionally has venison. Presumably you can special order either from them as well. For that matter, I've seen buffalo and other "exotic" meats at Berkeley Bowl.