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May 3, 2007 04:19 PM

Dinner for one, what should I make?

Eating alone tonight - so I feel like cooking something simple but good that I can make in a small portion. I have plans for lunch and dinner tomorrow so I don't need leftovers.
Anyone have any ideas? Otherwise I am likely to eat KD :)

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  1. If I were so lucky, (to have an evening alone) I would fix a nice ribeye with mushroom bernaise sauce, a baked potato and some grilled asparagus. Don't forget a nice glass of wine, (White Zin would be my choice, but you can have a good red if you insist.)

    1. For something quick and simple, I would suggest a nice sando - a panini maybe? And if you're feeling up to it, whip up a side salad and/or soup. Oh - and I def. agree on a glass of vino.

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        I love having dinner for one so I can please only myself. I like to have something I can eat while curled up on the sofa or bed (don't tell!) That usually means pasta with sundried tomatoes, steamed veggies and cheese (smoked mozzarella sounds good) or grilled sandwich/panini. Don't forget dessert! I keep pre-formed frozen choc cip cookies and throw one or two (or three) in the oven and eat with a cup of tea or milk (and yes while curled up on sofa or bed watching telly).

      2. Pasta with some kind of decadent cream sauce. Cream spiked with lemon is refreshing and spring-y. Toss in any fresh spring veggies (especially peas, or roasted asparagus, and lots of snipped chives) you've got lying around.

        1. For something decadent but not outrageous, roasted asparagus with a poached (fried is easier) egg on top. It always makes me feel french.

          Or something "girly" - for me it's salad with beets and a fried chunk of breaded goat cheese.

          Although I'm never opposed to steak, and it's easy to make for just one.

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            Aside from the steak, you and I are dinner twins. :)

            The poached egg is great on salad, too.

          2. Mmmm.. yes this is all sounding good. I like the indulgent cream sauce idea and I have some blue cheese at home so I could go that way. Something out of a bowl that I can eat on the couch for sure, especially since the hockey game is on.