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May 3, 2007 04:06 PM

Dinner alone in Toronto on Monday

I will be in Toronto next Monday for a shoot. I'M alone and single (40 years old) so I'm looking for a place with a bar to have a good dinner, not too expensive and not too «stuffy». To help you, I tried Lee a month ago and liked it. In fact I am looking more for a casual place with a good vibe. I only have beeteween 6pm and 8pm.

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  1. What about the bar at Terroni on Queen?

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    1. re: LissyDee

      If you like oysters or fresh fish i would reccomend Stafish, also I have had good experiences at the bar Trevor

    2. Sit at the bar at the Drake Hotel, if the weather is nice sit upstairs on the patio. It's about a 5 min cab ride (20 mins walk) west of Lee.

      Great vibe, relaxed, interesting interior, great eclectic mix of people...

      1. Barrio on Queen St, E. has a good mon. vibe and food

        1. I think the Drake is a good recommend... very Toronto, and no need to feel weird dining alone (if you do, head next-door to the Beaconsfield).

          Starfish is one of my favs, but it can feel a little stuffy... there won't be many (read: any) young hipsters hanging about. However, if you vant to be alone, this place is great.

          I like Terroni too... inexpensive, always happening, sit at the bar and feel-fine, good food.,

          Barrio is too-east if you're not already-east.

          I recognize that this post is deconstructive at the expense of being actually constructive, but I think that the Drake or Terroni give you some good options (Crush Winebar would be my other offering).

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            I've already been to Drake so I guess it's beeteween Terroni and Crush winebar. Wich one do I choose ?

          2. I would have suggested Lee too!
            Haven't been to the Drake, but consider
            Coca - I see other restaurant owners here on Mondays.
            Kultura - more trendy/upscale and food is very good and wines by the glass very well matched.