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May 3, 2007 03:56 PM

NYer asks: Any diners, greasy spoons or regular food in Niagara Wine country?

Hi. A New York chowhound (from the good old days before the current impossible-to-read-non-chronological-boards-regime) would like to know are there any non-fancy restaurants in the Niagara wine country region? A pizza parlor? Diner? Luncheonette? Seems like everyplace i read about is fancy, for-tourist food, seemingly pretenious. Where do the truck drivers, the supermarket clerks, the folks that pick the grapes eat?

Thanks, Richard

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  1. Silk's in Virgil might be a good bet (though I'll admit I don't like it). It caters to exactly the kind of people you mention. There's also a pie place in Virgil that gets very good reports (name escapes).

    Although the Epicurion in NOTL is a tourist place, it's hardly pretentious. They have very good food, served cafeteria style, at lunch. Not cheap, but well worth the price.

    There's also a little restaurant hidden behind the very pretentious NOTL Irish Shoppe that is not at all pretentious. They serve decent, homemade Irish-style food at very low prices.

    1. Red Rooster had a decent breakfast, locals eat there, and it's hardly pretentious, but you already figured that out based on the name :) - 271 Mary, Niagara On The Lake

      1. "The Pie Plate" in Virgil - a laid-back bakery/cafe with the BEST lemon merangue pie I've ever had. Nice salads too.

        1. I always enjoyed breakfast at Butter Balls in Jordan. 2980 King Street (highway8) between Vineland and Jordan.

          For Pizza I'd recommend Heavy Duty Pizza in Beamsville 4460 Ontario Street
          905-563-8281 It's more of a take out place than an eat in place though. The pizza is great!

          The Beamsville Relay Station, a truck stop in Beamsville South of the QEW on Ontario Street is good too.

          The Olympia is a restaurant in downtown Beamsville that has been there absolutely forever.
          4985 King St E (Hwy 8)

          1. Thank you sooo much for this post. I always laugh when I read the Niagara region posts because the places that get recommended are always places that a lot of the locals of the Niagara region don't go to. This is probably cause they would go broke eating at all these expensive restaurants.
            The sad part is that the Niagara Region doesn't have very many great 'middle class' restaurants. But here is where I like to eat ...
            Beamsville - Your Neighbour Hood Pizza Joint
            Vineland - George’s - greasy spoon, great breakfast
            St. Catharines - Salhi Thai - great Thai food, I haven't found as good in Toronto yet
            St. Catharines - Cafe Amore
            St. Catharines - Lina Linguini’s (sp?) – Italian
            St. Catharines - Fraito's - Italian
            Virgil – Silks
            Niagara Falls (kinda) - Betty's - hit and miss, but excellent when they get it right
            I don’t know of any right in NOTL probably cause most locals avoid that area.
            Short list, but I will add more when I think of them.
            Oh and if you want to golf cheap, Queenston & St. David's golf courses.

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              I posted a review of Cafe Amore earlier this week. (Feb/09).

              For breakfast there is a greasy spoon right in Niagara Falls, called Basel's. It is on the main street in downtown Niagara Falls. This place is always packed for breakfast.