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May 3, 2007 03:45 PM

Looking for downtown eats not expensive and not Japanese. Looking for something ethnic and interesting.


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  1. Assuming you are in the business district. Grand Central Market. Lots of Mexican, Chinese and other options. Definitely not expensive. Qualifies as interesting.

    1. Cuban? Cuba Central @ 1st/Central

      Vietnamese and Chinese are as close as Chinatown. I like Pho 87 on Broadway, but lots of people like Pho 79 as well.

      You might also want to try a Farmer's Market. I went to the one on 5th yesterday (it's every Wednesday) and picked up some delicious hummus and taboulie with pita bread for $10. They serve all kinds of food, from rotisserie chicken to peruvian rice plates to bacon-wrapped hot dogs.