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May 3, 2007 03:08 PM

Coconut Bread Pudding Recipe?

My sister was recently raving about a coconut bread pudding recipe she recently had at a potluck event. She said it had great coconut flavor (maybe cream of coconut plus fresh grated?) and a nice firm texture. In the hubbub of the potluck, however, she never found the cook in order to ask for the recipe.

Does anyone here have a good recipe for a dish like this? She's got an dinner party coming up and she thinks this would be a nice dessert to serve with vanilla ice cream.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. newbatgirl, what I'd probably do is take a classic bread pudding recipe, then sub half of the cream with coconut milk. Then, add some grated coconut to the mixture before baking. Probably top with toasted coconut.

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    1. re: QueenB

      Good call. Bread pudding is like the quiche of desserts. You can play with it and it always turns out fine.

    2. I have a great recipe for coconut bread pudding--delicious and sinfully rich. The recipe is scaled for restaurant use, and this is scaled down to probably a 9 x 13 pan or two standard loaf pans.

      Coconut Bread Pudding

      1 or 2 loaves brioche, sliced 1 inch thick

      For appareil:
      4-5 eggs
      14 oz coconut milk
      8 oz sugar
      1 oz coconut extract (optional, but makes it really good)
      1 oz rum (optional, but makes it really good)
      1/2 tsp kosher salt

      6 oz dried baking coconut (flaked)

      Place the sliced brioche in a 200F oven for 10-15 minutes to slightly dry it out. Spread with soft butter, then trim off crusts and cut into 1" cubes. Set aside.

      Combine all appareil ingredients and whisk well to combine. Place bread in appareil, tossing gently to mix well. Add flaked coconut, mix well to combine, then cover and set aside about 30 minutes.

      Preheat oven to 300-325F. Butter a casserole dish, individual 2 cup ramekins or 2 standard loaf pans. Lift bread cubes out of appareil and gently pack into prepared baking dish. Bake in preheated oven 45-60 minutes for casserole, 25-40 minutes for ramekins, or 50-75 minutes for loaf pans until done.

      Garnish with shaved toasted coconut and pineapple sorbet, caramel gelato or vanilla ice cream. Also delicious with toasted macadamias, pecans or brazil nuts. Passion fruit caramel is over the moon. Yum.

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      1. re: Non Cognomina

        My heavens, that sounds terrific. And the rum! My sister will love that!

        I'll pass this along right away.

        I'll also pass along yours to my mom, QueenB. My mother might prefer that one because she has her own BP recipe that she is quite tied to. She'd probably want to start with that and sub the coconut milk in.

        1. re: Non Cognomina

          Sorry, quick question, you say one to two loaves but approx. how many cups of bread cubes should that amount to?

          1. re: newbatgirl

            newbatgirl, sorry to be so vague, but the amount of bread will depend on what pan you cook the pudding in. For a 9" x 13" pan I would guess 10-12 cups, but could be way off.

            By the way, the toasted crusts that you cut off the brioche make great bread crumbs. Just throw them in a food processor, then double bag them and freeze them until you use them. They can be refreshed by retoasting the crumbs at 325F for a few minutes, spread out on a baking sheet.

          2. re: Non Cognomina

            Stupid question. "Dried baking coconut" is that the shredded, sweeted, flaked coconut like Bakers?

            1. re: Pate

              Not at all a stupid question, Pate. I'm a professional pastry cook and use about 5 different kinds of dried coconut. To be honest, I've never bought coconut in the baking section of a grocery store, so I'm not sure how it is packaged or what it is called. The stuff I use in this bread pudding is less dried than the stuff I use for macaroons, but more dry than the stuff I use for uncooked purposes (marinated with fresh fruit, coconut cream pie, garnish, etc). It is not "candy" sweet, but a low ratio sugar to water syrup is used in the drying process. Do they sell dried coconut for baking that isn't sweetened in the grocery store? I would suggest that. If you've only got the sweetened coconut, I'd cut back on the sugar in the recipe I posted above to 5 oz instead of 8 oz. Does that answer your question?

              1. re: Non Cognomina

                Hmmm. Well, I think that makes sense. I'll know more when I go looking for it. I'm also on the lookout for coconut flour which I understand is available at health food stores and at To be honest, I've never cooked with anything other than the sweetened flaked coconunt available in the supermarket, although I've eaten other types, I've never purchased or cooked with them.