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May 3, 2007 03:06 PM

Powdered Dehydrated Honey

Pikawicca and I were in a recently opened Asian market here in Bloomington this afternoon and seening a number of items we have not seen in other Asian markets. We are going to have to get some of our Korean and Vietnamese friends to go with us and explain some of the stuff.

One of the most curious things we came across was dehydrated, granulated honey. They had 2 brands and both were produced in the US. Have any of you seen this and more importantly used it? On package suggested it be substituted for sugar in baking and used in beverages. I did not buy any but am curious. What can you tell us?

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  1. I've tried a few different kinds and found the product to vary widely. One kind was annoyingly hygroscopic and didn't last 3 days after opening. Another tasted very chalky. Another had a strange aftertaste when added to hot tea. I did try it in baking in a restaurant kitchen, but the honey flavor the powder produced was not as deep as I was hoping for. Substituted for equal volume for liquid honey it did not affect the result of the finished product, and I can see how some people would prefer the ease of measuring a dry powder than sticky honey. But I prefer the real stuff.

    1. I have tried the powdered cactus honey and didn't particularly care for it. My wife (Korean) loves it. Many Koreans like the powdered honey because it isn't as sweet.

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        I've tried this too and it's mostly for tea. However, I'm also planning on using it for ice cream and muffins due to requests. I'll tell you how it goes.

      2. I purchased this granulated honey in a small plastic jar in a Korean Market in Southern California. I have been enjoying it on Fage yogurt because of its crunchy texture that contrasts well with the creamy yogurt. While it doesn't satisfy my "sticky sweet" craving, it somehow feels healthier than honey when I am thinking...just thinking about going to the gym afterward!

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          Oh, that's a great idea!

          I actually like adding normal-- that is, fluid-- honey to mine, as it makes the sometimes too thick (depending no whether we only have the non-fat and/or full-fat Fage, which, I feel, are too thick) yogurt a bit more watery. Perhaps it's the humectants in honey?

        2. I wouldn't have any use for this: honey in liquid form keeps for centuries and is more useful than powdered.