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May 3, 2007 03:01 PM

Romantic restaurant in Soho or Little Italy

Traveling to NYC on saturday with my hubby. I'd like to take him out for a nice dinner in soho, greenwich village or little italy that has nice atmosphere. Not looking for something too expensive since we're going on a weeks vacation the end of the month. Just something with good food and atmosphere. We're both in our late 30s. Thanks in advance for your suggestions!


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  1. In my opinion, Kittichai is very chic, sexy and romantic. The atmosphere can't be beat and the dim lighting makes everyone look fantastic. Great drinks!

    1. I'd suggest Le Gigot on Cornelia Street in the Village, small cozy atmosphere, terrific French food:

      1. Home restaurant in Greenwich...Small, dark, good food...think that Balthazar in Soho has a great ambience and has great food, but it is not quiet...And there is an Italian restaurant right next door to Home, that is good as well..the name escapes me...In Little Italy, we are fond of Da Nico's ( sit out back in the patio, if the weather is good)