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May 3, 2007 02:58 PM

Who's got the best hummus in the Phoenix metroplex?

I'm looking for the best, not the most popular. :) Our favorite hands-down is from Shish Kebab House in Glendale. Second would be Pita Jungle. One can never have too many places for good hummus, so I was wondering where other CHers go for their fix.

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  1. I'm not a hummus expert by any means, but I absolutely love the Thai hummus at Four Peaks Brewery.

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    1. re: mitchgx

      The Thai hummus is great at Four Peaks, true.

      Here are my rankings (obviously apparent East Valley bias):
      1. Pita Jungle - traditional hummus
      2. Pita Jungle - cilantro/jalepeno hummus
      3. Phoencia Cafe - traditional hummus
      4. the aforementioned Four Peaks Thai hummus

    2. It's hard to say which is best. I've had great hummus lately at Sabuddy, Shish Kebab House, Pita Jungle, Med Fresh Grill, Phoenicia Cafe, and Haji-Baba.

      I will echo dustchick's comment about the cilantro / jalapeno hummus at Pita Jungle. Usually, I'm a classicist when it comes to hummus, but the cilantro / jalapeno hummus at PJ is one of the few flavored hummuses (hummi?) that I actually like.

      I'd like to hear more about the Thai hummus at Four Peaks. Is it spicy, sweet, sour, and salty all at the same time -- like the best Thai food?

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      1. re: silverbear

        The hummus itself is salty and spicy, but not sour. The pita bread is a little sweet, which some people might not like, but together it's very good. Even better when washed down with a good brew (get whatever is on cask).

      2. That's so strange, I can't bear the Thai hummus at Four Peaks. Maybe they've changed it or I've just been on the recieving end of some bad batches. Their Thai wings, though? Yes please! Crisp and hot and sweet and tangy; perfect.

        Other than that my list is about the same as dustchick's. I think the Phoenicia gets overlooked around here; their hummus is definitely a contender.

        1. I have to put in another vote for Pita Jungle. I really like the Baba Ganouj there as well.

          Others that we like a lot are Haji Baba and Dooby's.

          Nikia had an interesting hummus...really great flavor but much thicker and a lot less tahini than what you found at most other places in town. Definitely not the best around but different and intriguing. Unfortuntely I stopped by yesterday to pick up some mizithra and discovered they're out of business. Too bad I was hoping he would make it as his homemade pastries rocked.

          1. there's a guy at the downtown farmers market, used to call himself 'mr hummus' but his garlic hummus is rocking good....