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May 3, 2007 02:44 PM

Miele Coffee System Experiences??

Has anyone had a good or bad experiences with the Miele built-in coffee/espresso system? I am planning on installing one (the two cup, not the one that can handle a whole pot) in a new kitchen but haven't used one firsthand.

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  1. Go to & look at their appliances forum...they cover just about everything...

    I don't have the coffee system but I do have a Miele oven, cooktop & dishwasher...IMO they are the best...great design & engineering, fabulous customer service (if you ever need it)...

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      FWIW, when people ask about the Miele (or other built-in) coffee "systems" over at the appliance forum ( ), the usual response is to check out the reviews at -- and over there, reviews are generally bad...

    2. We were show one when appliance shopping and the sales women made us a latte that was horrid. I have been told the internals of this machine is a Saeco super auto with the Miele front. Saeco makes some inexpensive super autos. If you are thinking of getting into espresso other than lattes I think your money would be spent better elsewhere. The price tag on these built-ins is pretty steep. They look cool though

      1. Miele makes some wonderful appliances, but I can't see getting the coffee system except as a conversation piece. I have seen it demoed in stores and at shows. While it sure looks great, there was nothing special about the coffee itself. It seemed a huge waste of money (as opposed to their dishwashers, which are arguably worth their lofty prices).

        1. A fiend has a built-in and while it looks great, the water needed to be added in an incovenient way and to tell the truth, the coffee was not hot enough. Why don't you look at one of the new beautiful expresso makers out there such as Lilly? For the money, they can really be a centerpiece for your kitchen and the quality appears to be great based on personal experience.

          1. I've tested the Miele built-in coffee systems (and mentioned one model for "How the Other Half Cooks" They're gorgeous, a status symbol, and can make decent coffee/espresso. But I still strongly suggest visiting a Miele showroom for your own hands-on experience to judge for yourself.

            While you're at it, bring a load of laundry. They encourage it to test their washing machines too.