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Miele Coffee System Experiences??

Has anyone had a good or bad experiences with the Miele built-in coffee/espresso system? I am planning on installing one (the two cup, not the one that can handle a whole pot) in a new kitchen but haven't used one firsthand.

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  1. Go to gardenweb.com & look at their appliances forum...they cover just about everything...

    I don't have the coffee system but I do have a Miele oven, cooktop & dishwasher...IMO they are the best...great design & engineering, fabulous customer service (if you ever need it)...

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      FWIW, when people ask about the Miele (or other built-in) coffee "systems" over at the appliance forum (http://ths.gardenweb.com/forums/appl/ ), the usual response is to check out the reviews at coffeegeek.com -- and over there, reviews are generally bad...

    2. We were show one when appliance shopping and the sales women made us a latte that was horrid. I have been told the internals of this machine is a Saeco super auto with the Miele front. Saeco makes some inexpensive super autos. If you are thinking of getting into espresso other than lattes I think your money would be spent better elsewhere. The price tag on these built-ins is pretty steep. They look cool though

      1. Miele makes some wonderful appliances, but I can't see getting the coffee system except as a conversation piece. I have seen it demoed in stores and at shows. While it sure looks great, there was nothing special about the coffee itself. It seemed a huge waste of money (as opposed to their dishwashers, which are arguably worth their lofty prices).

        1. A fiend has a built-in and while it looks great, the water needed to be added in an incovenient way and to tell the truth, the coffee was not hot enough. Why don't you look at one of the new beautiful expresso makers out there such as Lilly? For the money, they can really be a centerpiece for your kitchen and the quality appears to be great based on personal experience.

          1. I've tested the Miele built-in coffee systems (and mentioned one model for "How the Other Half Cooks" http://www.chow.com/stories/10540). They're gorgeous, a status symbol, and can make decent coffee/espresso. But I still strongly suggest visiting a Miele showroom for your own hands-on experience to judge for yourself. http://www.miele.com/usa/design-cente...

            While you're at it, bring a load of laundry. They encourage it to test their washing machines too.

            1. The coffee is average at best and it is not hot enough. It totally destroyed my american cherry hardwood floors and expensive cabinet it leaked in at least 5 different times. Absolutely do not waste your money!

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                Wow, Rosey, and you didn't rip it out the first time it leaked? I will NEVER have hardwood floors in my kitchen again! My dishwasher leaked, and now I have cupped boards in my oak.

                EtoEat, since you asked the question last May, I'm curious what you decided on. I gave the machine serious consideration when I remodeled my kitchen, but decided that since it doesn't also take care of emptying the grounds bin and flushing them down a drain, just having it plumbed didn't cut down all that much on daily maintenance. Plus, the darn thing takes up 2 1/2 feet of running wall space! So if you read this, I'm curious what you went with?

              2. My friend had a built in unit in her kitchen. She always called it "high maintenance" . I had coffee quite a few times and it was always good, but I am afraid it was so good because of really good coffee beans she used. Yes, I saw it drip dirty water before coffee actually came out, so she always had a cup underneath. Last year she moved to a different house and decided not to get Miele unit again. I don't honestly think it is worth $2700.

                1. Well the Miele plumbed in machine is installed in the wall but due to home-building nightmares of epic proportions we're not moved in yet...only a few more weeks...I must say that it looks fantastic installed but the jury is still out on whether it makes a good cup. I have a few friends in Seattle who own Miele machines and love them, using them daily and also for parties. So, I'm optimistic, but will report back in a month.

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                    Bless your heart! I think everyone should experience building their own home from scratch once in their life, but anyone who does it twice is certifialbe! Here's hoping there are no more delays and you truly are in in "a few more weeks." As for the Miele, I think you're going to love it. Good luck!

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                      EtoEat - I'm also considering a Miele. I actually don't like my coffee to be too hot, so I may be a good candidate. I do look forward to your feedback.


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                        Saturday night was the first night in our new house and after moving boxes until midnight, coffee was a first priority on Sunday morning! I fired up the Miele machine for the first time and made a decent cappucino considering the only beans I could locate were not an espresso roast, and I was not quite awake while following the instructions! A little later in the morning I adjusted the grinder to a coarser grind and made two cups of coffee that were fantastic. Since then we've made about ten cups of coffee (moving boxes requires a lot of caffine!) and are really impressed with the crema and flavor coming from the Miele. The coffee does not have any bitterness and in my opinion is the perfect temperature for drinking. I don't like my coffee scalding hot. I like to be able to drink it right away and enjoy the flavor. The plumbed in lines are a dream, and I know that this is going to be one of my favorite things about the new house. Once I have a little more time I'll play around with the cappucino/espresso functions and work to perfect those. Yes, it is a very expensive machine, but it makes great coffee, is very convienient, and looks cool. (Plus the nearest coffee shop is 25 minutes away.)

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                          Hey Exerciseto eat. Now that it's been six months, how do you like that machine? I'm thinking of installing one or the Bosch. Thoughts?

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                            Hi Mom44 - Sorry for the late reply. 6 months in, I still think it's the one thing I couldn't live without in my kitchen (I'd even give up the dishwasher before giving up the Miele)! It is so adjustable and functional that I can end up with terrific coffee for whatever mood I'm in and whatever beans I'm using. Lately we've been doing double espressos each morning with an occasional cappucino on the weekend. It's also great for hot chocolate and to make a single cup of tea, which I think I'll be doing a lot more as we head into winter. So far I would give it a 10 out of 10 on performance and quality of drinks.

                    2. Okay where do you live?
                      we will all be over for desert and coffee.
                      Good for you !

                      1. We had one installed in our kitchen remodel about 4 years ago. I have to say that overall, we are happy we have it. I question if there have not better models released since our purchase so I would definitely do your due diligence.

                        I had a "heated" discussion at a party last night with someone who says she refused to spend $$ on mere principle but goes to Starbucks (or the like) every morning. Let's see....2 lattes x 365 days x 4 years x $3 each = I'd say I'm ahead of the game from the inital cost. That said, there are other full service espresso machines out there with a smaller price tag that produce comparable quality coffee (if not better). We just valued our counter top space more and were thrilled to have the built in.

                        We do like the quality of the espresso it produces but it does require a certain amount of effort to maintain. Descaling the appliance regularly keeps the steamer pumping more powerfully and the coffee with lots of crema (this is about a 1 hour process). Whenever I am not getting the right caliber of either I know it's time to descale. We use filtered water so I'm not sure where the scale comes from but I assume this would be a constant with any machine we would use. I am noticing, 4 years into it's use, the need to descale is becoming more and more frequent. When I first got it, I would tell people "It does everything but milk the cow." I don't think I'm saying that anymore.

                        They did not have a plumbed version released yet when we bought ours. I wish we had that model but refilling the tank is not all that difficult.

                        Miele's service is amazing. I have literally called in the morning and had the guy here that afternoon. In the 4 years we've had it, he's been here maybe 4-5 times.

                        As I said, all in all, we are happy we have it. If I had another kitchen to do now, I would definitely have an installed machine but I check out all the options out there before choosing on the Miele again. If nothing else manufactured since has matched or beat it, I would choose it again.

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                          My sister-in-law had one installed in her kitchen, and she really likes it. However, when I tried the coffee (she made a latte first and regular coffee the next day), I thought that the coffee was just OK. For espresso-based drinks, I think that my little Nespresso is far superior, and for coffee, I'm really happy with my Keurig, though nothing, in my opinion, beats my old percolator for hot, rich regular brew. I'll spend money on a lot of gadgets, but I don't think that this Miele would be one of them...

                        2. We've been using the machine daily for six months now, and it's still one of my favorite things in the house. After experimenting with beans, grind levels, and types of drinks, we've figured out how to make just what we like, and it's terrific. I'm surprised to hear that descaling on an older machine takes an hour. We've gone through two descaling processes so far (the machine automatically reminds you once you've had a certain number of cups) and it was pretty painless, taking maybe 20 minutes total (and you don't have to be standing there the whole time).

                          Having a plumbed in machine makes it very very easy and I would definitely spring for this system if (heaven forbid) I ever built again.

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                            I just sold my house and left the machine there; I miss it already. I had it for 7 years and loved it. Yes, the visual aspect was big for me, that's why I have a duralit toaster instead of a cheap one; with great beans and maximum setting, the expresso shots are perfect. Demos are not done properly in the showrooms, imo; I once had a demo shot done in a cold metal demitasse, of course it will be barely warm.

                            Europeans do not drink scalding hot coffee, which takes some getting used to with some machines.

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                              I have had a Miele in my home for the past 5 years. Its been nothing but great and we use it everyday. Its the system you have to manuallly fill the water tank whicjh is no big deal.It also is easy to clean and maintain. We have hardwoods throughout the kitchen also as the original kitchen has for 100 years. No issues except for the scratches from the animals. HIghly recommend Miele coffee system.!

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                                so far I love mine, I probably have the same system. I have attempted anything but coffee, which has been trial and error trying to make a plain ole cup of joe for my husband. I bought a breakfast blend bean that was mild and he does seem to like that better. I am anxious to make some awesome drinks but dread cleaning the lines so I'm waiting till I get my kitchen back together. I like how the machine automatically flushes before and after use if you program it that way. I have too many new appliances to read up on to get full use just yet. I will update when I have the opportunity to fully experience it. I too have hardwood floors and I certainly expect only the best performance from this machine.

                          2. I have had miele coffeed system for 9 years, they make a great cup of coffee, and yes it is in
                            the bean, just like any good cup of joe. First you can set up the machine on the type of grind, the strength of the coffee(how much water to add).
                            The system rinses itself when it shuts off and when you turn it on so you do not get
                            dirty water before the coffee comes out. My unit finally bit the dust, after delivering over 16000 cups of coffee. The new system is built much better, new electronics as well as
                            internals, Even has a mild storage system for the latte's etc. Easy to clean, yes the system is expensive but not out of line when you are looking for other espresso, cappuccino machines. The new inline feed is the way to go so it takes the work out of filling the water tank.

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                              Hmmmm............UWf72..........can you please explain "bit the dust"????

                              I am at a point where I am deciding whether to "fix it or replace it"

                              I have one of the earlier Miele Coffee Systems - CVA610 ( 8-9 years old, not plumbed). I have, even years ago on this forum, professed my love for it. It was one of the prides of my kitchen and we use it everyday. I do my best to maintain it to every specification.

                              Miele service in my area has always been good but I now realize that they have been to my home often over the years to attend to this machine. Leaks, new steamer jet, new brew unit, etc. It also seems like as it ages (and even though we use filtered water), I need to descale it more frequently to get the amount of pressure we desire. No other appliance in my home has required this much attention!

                              But, the poor thing has just no "umph" anymore. I can make my morning latte but the pressure is lighter than it used to be. Consequently, the milk must be steamed for longer making the latte watery. By the time I am out the door with my cup, the foam has collapsed. I checked for anything blocking the steamer tube and have descaled twice this week alone.

                              I called Miele service and they sounded like they have no idea what could be wrong. "If there is no blockage and it has been descaled....there really is no reason why it shouldn't be working properly." He was baffled.

                              I had had the steamer jet replaced 1 1/2 years ago so I assume they would have replaced old "O" rings then??? That was also not a warranty repair. $$$!!! What else could be wrong?

                              Now I am debating as to whether I should just start anew rather than sink any more money into this machine.....Miele is asking $175 for a trip charge?!?!?!

                              Anyone else have similar long term issues with their Miele Coffees? Are the newer ones more reliable? Would another brand fit in the same custom cabinet opening?

                              It would be nice to get a plumbed unit but for the price of this thing....shouldn't it last more than 9 years??

                            2. We have had the CVA4066 (current US model as of 7-10) plumbed-in version up and running in our kitchen for 7 months now. We experienced several months difficulties with intermittent sensor faults caused by an improperly secured plug jack in the wiring harness. I bought the machine on ebay and found out that there is NO warranty service from Miele on machines purchased there, even if through an authorized dealer. I do not recommend buying a Miele on ebay or craigslist unless you know what you are doing.

                              I found the problem and fixed it myself.

                              BUT, other than that, the machine is spectacular. I laughed when I read about the gardenweb->coffeegeek pans of the machine. Here's the thing: find a superautomatic anywhere that the manual pull fanatics at coffeegeek like. It won't happen.

                              And it is true. You are not going to find a superauto that can equal a carefully prepared shot using good, manual, equipment.

                              But that is not what we needed. We wanted something that would allow us to walk up the wall, stick our cups under the spout, and get a couple of shots of espresso or a cup of coffee and walk away happy. The Miele does that. And, it is the best engineered and most easily maintained of all the in-wall designs that I looked at. All of the user serviceable parts pull out of the front of the machine. You do not have to pull the whole frame out on rails to fill the beans, etc. And I recommend, without reservation, the self-plumbed model. It is great to never have to worry about the machine not having water. Oh, and it has never even thought about leaking a drop of water.

                              1. I have to laugh at ExercisetoEat's housing updates as we just moved in after being told it would be "a few more weeks" back in July to finish our house. It took 14 months total from the ground up, but now that I am home, I am thrilled. We too installed the Miele CVA4066, and so far I really like it, but I want so badly to love it. I was searching around for a forum to see if I could find someone who had done all of the trial & error to find that perfect cup of coffee. I know it's all relative, but there are so many possibilities for customizing this machine that I am finding it a bit daunting. My husband proclaimed that his cup was not strong enough. I thought my cup was delicious, but it could have been a little hotter for me. So, does someone have that perfect cup? Does anyone pre-brew (i.e. steep)? If I want a larger cup of coffee, do I program the amount of water as well as the amount of coffee? I use Major Dickinson Peet's Coffee Beans. If there is another brand that someone loves (that I can buy at my local grocery store in northern CA), please let me know.

                                I will grow to love this machine, but there is a steep learning curved involved. Thanks!

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                                  I use Peet's Espresso Forte from the local Peet's shops in NoCA. I have found it deeper and richer than Major Dick's.

                                  Also, now that you have had it for a while, it would help to go to a showroom and have them show you the features and how it works best. I'll bet that you were too overwhelmed when you originally made your purchase to absorb the info. It's pretty easy once you get it.

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                                    Hey, thanks for the reply! Yes, I was completely overwhelmed initially, but we have figured it all out. I am still searching for a "go-to" bean, so I will certainly try the Peet's roast that you recommend. Major Dick's worked great for our coffeepot, but it's not the right bean for the Miele.

                                    btw, anyone still reading this thread and considering the Miele - do it!

                                2. Dont buy it - Initially we loved this machine, but after having the center brew unit fail after a few months, they told us to set on coarse grind & clean frequently , they sent a new one that we cleaned religously (weekly). Now this one has failed and Miele is saying this time it is becuase we use french roast and espresso beans "which are oily" and they recommend not to use those beans or if you do to clean daily. NOWHERE IN THE OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS DOES IT STATE THAT BUT WE ARE SOMEHOW SUPPOSED TO KNOW THAT. They refuse to replace the brew unit since it is out of warranty and it is our fault we didn't have devine knowledge regarding what beans to use. Their customer service people are arrogant. They told us we should have called and asked their "care & use department" about any issues that are not in their opearting intrusctions when we bought the machine and they would have told us Miele recommends not using "oily beans". IF THEY RECOMMEND THAT - PUT IT IN THE OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS!!