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May 3, 2007 02:20 PM

Takohachi (SEA) to close

For those who have enjoyed the home style Japanese cooking at Takohachi, I'm sad to report that it will close in early June due to the retirement of its 72-year-old owner. So if you want one more taste of your favorite dishes, better get down there this month!

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  1. Thanks for the tip! Hopefully somebody will buy the owner out and maybe keep the same concept but kick it up a notch? or turn it into a soup dumpling (xiao long bao) house?

    1. So sad to hear this news. First Koraku a few years ago, and now Takohachi. That's too bad!

      1. Is this the place with bacon fried rice?
        I've been meaning to try it... looks like I have a month.
        Thanks for the information

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        1. re: dave_c

          Yes, it is. Pretty much like my mom used to make except mom used to use more egg . . . .

        2. I'm not from Seattle but I'll be there next week. Can you please provide an address, with cross street, for a hungry visitor fond of Japanese food?

          Thank you!

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          1. re: jenn

            Takohachi, 610 S. Jackson St. (b/w 6th and 7th Aves.), 206-682-1828. Open 11:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m. and 5:30 p.m.- 8:30 p.m. Monday-Friday, 5:30 p.m.-8:30 p.m. Saturday.

            1. re: jenn

              I've been going there for years. They have two menus--the starving Japanese student menu and the more traditional menu. I've ordered only off the traditional menu. Skip the noodles--you'll do better a couple of blocks to the northwest at Tsukushinbo The bento box is an incredible deal and very tasty. Highly recommended. If you like saba, their barasushi and their broiled saba are very good. And, of course, the fried rice.

              1. re: PAO

                Wait, how do you get the traditional menu? I've only seen what I assume is the starving student menu, and haven't really liked the dishes I've had (though am somewhat limited by not eating pork or shellfish, and very little red meat). I'd love to try some of the things people like best.

                1. re: seattledebs

                  It's all on the same menu, just a different page (can't remember whether it's a single document and you just turn the page over or whether it opens up and there's one menu on one side and the other on the other side). The starving student menu has stuff like combo plates with very untraditional things like ham. The amount of food is enormous, which is one reason why I've never ordered off of it. The traditional menu has stuff like salmon shioyaki, saba shioyaki, bento box, several types of ramen, tempura, etc.

            2. June 8, is the closing date, so I would probably go before then, because there might not be much food left to sell. How do I know, I am the Real Estate Agent that sold it. It will be shut down for 3 months for remodeling. The menu will "kick it up a notch" (Emeril) offering food & drink not offered anywhere else and will also have the Takohachi classic recipes . An expanded Izakaya menu , H-Class Bar (think Maneki) & Kagoshima specialty food. The owner is a cousin of Kyle Yoshimura, that owns Ohana, which I also sold to him. I also sold Sakura which became Fuji Sushi up the street. The owner speaks Japanese & his wife is from Kagoshima & is one of Ichiro's interpreters. Expect some "specialty food" & "drinks" from Kagoshima-I'll let you figure out what they are. A food consultant & an interior designer both from Kagoshima are coming in. Hopefully it will re-open in August, but most likely it'll be September.

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              1. re: belikeh20

                Hmm... so the Takohachi classics will now be sold at upscale prices? Hope not!

                1. re: dimsumfan

                  When i saw this post i made a point of planning a first visit to Takohachi before closing time. Lunch today was unusually satisfying and hearty: rich, complex brown curry with rice, piping hot croquettes, perfectly crisp and juicy tori-kara (fried chicken) salad and miso soup, all for $6.25. My friend commented that he almost feels guilty eating there for that cheap. Now I'm sad to say goodbye too.

                2. re: belikeh20

                  What a huge bummer this is. I hope the new place is NOTHING LIKE Ohana, which is absolutely horrible and has zero to recommend it. By far the worst food and service I ever had in my 8 years in Seattle.

                  1. re: Atomica

                    The owner of Ohana, doesn't speak japanese nor has ever lived there, very americanized or assimilated. Cousins only and not very close. The future owner of Takohachi, Satsuma Group LLC, is very japanese in culture & mannerisms having lived there for many years and is married to a wife from Kagoshima. Comparing Ohana to the new Takohachi would be like saying who needs to go to Paris in France when you can go to the Eiffel Tower @ Paris Casino in Las Vegas.

                    I go to Ohana only to drink. For sushi or Japanese food: Saito's, Shiro's, Maneki, Shun. For "local grinds" (Hawaiian Food), Hawaii BBQ or L&L.

                    It's amazing how long Takohachi has been there (17 years), yet very few in Seattle knew about it except the Japanese students & those from Japan. We're trying to revive Nihonmachi (Japantown) & are very sensitive to the current, past & future clients so I wouldn't expect a huge price jump, just expansion of menu & the bar, with a nice remodel. It'll be a very Japanese restaurant compared to all the korean-owned japanese restaurants that pepper Belltown.

                    1. re: belikeh20

                      "Kaname" grand opening. Takohachi will be re-opening the first week of October 2007 in the Nihonmachi (japantown) part of the International District as "Kaname" (pronounced "ka-nam-eh") Izakaya - Shochu Bar . The owner Todd Kuniyuki, had his brother-in-law who is an interior designer in Kagoshima design the space. The whole Kuniyuki & Hirahara families remodeled the place themselves (the Hirahara family used to be part of the original Mikado restaurant that was a block west from Kaname). A restaurant consultant was flown in from Kagoshima to design the menu. Yari-san (Dean) former owner of Togetsu will be the executive chef. So it will be a blend of the Kagoshima consultant's recipes & some of Togetsu's & Takohachi's favorites but with a gorgeous hard liquor bar featuring a sequoia wood bar and a sequoia tree representing the way a traditional japanese home is held up. Lots of wood.

                      Think of Japanese tapas, small plates to accompany drinking, in other words.

                      Shochu, a distilled white liquor, outsells sake in Japan and it's similar to vodka (Korean "soju") made from potato, barley, or rice. The owner's wife is from Kagoshima which is a primary producer of shochu and they hope to popularize in Seattle this rarely known liquor that is becoming popular in L.A. & New York.

                      Kaname has big shoes to fill but Takohachi old-time customers will be amazed about the transformation of the space, the food, and the bar.

                      1. re: belikeh20

                        Belikeh, since you seem to have access to them, can you request the chef to include some shiraoue karaage, shishito tempura and chahan on the menu if he doesn't mind (and of course some nice crispy tatsuta age), TIA!

                        1. re: barleywino

                          Does anyone know if Kaname will be open today for lunch? Their website still says, "Opening Soon" and no telephone number is listed. Thanks!

                          1. re: AppleSpam

                            i tried calling the old Takohachi number and (surprise) Kaname answered. They are closed sundays but otherwise open lunch and dinner weekdays and dinner Sat. Haven't been yet.

                            1. re: barleywino

                              checked it out. The new decor is a huge improvement, but i think i liked the old Takohachi better, foodwise. The new menu seems to be more limited than the old and the cooking (what i've had so far) is not impressive at all. bar is not quite open yet. maybe i'll give it one more shot.

                              1. re: barleywino


                                Did you try the ramen? I understand that Kaname aims to be a ramen specialist.

                                1. re: equinoise

                                  they were sold out of the ramen and gyoza, will try next time

                                  1. re: barleywino

                                    I tried ordering the ramen and gyoza last night and they had sold out again. I'm hoping they start buying more ramen for the restaurant so we can all try it. Otherwise, the dishes we ordered were delicious and the interior was very nice.

                        2. re: belikeh20

                          Thanks very much for that review - I live in Olympia now and am rarely in Seattle, but lived there years ago and loved Takohachi, especially the kasuzuke. And my brother, who lives in Japan, SWEARS by shochu, which apparently has the virtue of being very low in calories, as well. Domo arigato gozaimas!

                          1. re: belikeh20

                            Are they planning to sell good soju straight, or are they planning to make cocktails? I have found soju cocktails to be awful.

                            1. re: Atomica

                              they do both cocktails and straight

                              1. re: Atomica

                                I found shochu to be awful ;)

                                Maybe I haven't tried enough to have tasted the better stuff.

                                1. re: Lauren

                                  i like the sweet potato shochu's better than the barley, rice or corn versions. Ask them to mix with Calpico or Calpis, shake well with ice (must be well-chilled) and strain for a "milk" martini...(this is one of Nobu's signature cocktails, it tastes better than it sounds)