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May 3, 2007 01:54 PM

Sushi place, Woodbridge, CT?

My friend heard of a new place for sushi off of exit 59 on the Merrit (15). I'm thinking this is probably in Woodbridge but I'm not sure. Does anyone know of it and what it's called?

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  1. I think you are thinking of Akasaka at 1450 Whalley Ave. Not Woodbridge but just over the line in New Haven. Heading north on 15 (Wilbur Cross) and off at exit 59 take a right and go a block to Whalley. It's right there.

    1. Your friend might be thinking of what used to be the Fan Shun Buffet, and is now the ... (Tokyo?) Sushi Buffet, I think. You can see it from the Exit 59 offramp. Barely over the Woodbridge town line.

      1. Actually just went to the place. It's in Woodbridge and it's called Tokyo Buffet. It's a Japanese buffet with various rolls, sushi, hibachi and other Japanese dishes, as well as dessert. Lunch was $10 and dinner is $20 (I think). It was good if you're in the mood for a variety of food but the sushi was just OK. For sushi and rolls, I prefer Kumo in Hamden (which has 50% off 11-3pm and all day Sunday).

        1. There is another place that opened in Woodbridge a short time ago. It is called "Iron Chef". I have not been there yet, but it is on Selden St, sort of tucked behind Peoples Bank off Amity Rd

          1. The Iron Chef is a great sushi place in Woodbridge. It is off exit 59 on the Merrit and off of Amity Road in a little plaza near The Fan Sports Bar. They have great sushi rolls and the staff is wonderful. It is a cozy little spot- and it is much much nicer than Akasaka (I always find it smells fishy in there!). Check it out! I reccomend the spicy cruncy tuna roll on their specials menu.